The most interesting attractions of Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the most remote and isolated places in the world. Indeed, to the island has no island or continent thousands of miles away.

Easter Island is a possession of Chile and is included in the tourist attractions in Chile. The island is very small around 163 square kilometers and a population of almost 4,000 people. Located in the Pacific Ocean, 3600 km west of Chile.

Origin of Easter Island is volcanic. Three volcanoes rise above the sea surface: Terevaka, Poike and Rano Kau. The most famous attractions of Easter Island are the stone Moai statues, volcanoes and underground caves. Let's start with the mysterious stone Moai statues that dot the island and about 900 in number.

Most of them are close to the coast and their origin is not yet clear.

Stone from which they are made is taken from one of the craters of the volcano Rano Raraku.Bookmark and Share

Attractions of Easter Island photo gallery

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Secret of the attractions of Easter Island

Moai height from 1 to 11 meters, has an unfinished statue is found lying with dimensions of 20 meters. How were they made Moai statues and why suddenly terminated unclear to scientists.

Rano Kau is the largest crater on Easter Island. There is a village with 53 houses made of stone, with no doors or windows and only one opening that serves as the entrance.

Inside these homes is dark and wet and still remain intact ruins of moai. Our tour continues with the mysterious "Navel of the World." It's a big round stone, which some researchers collect the energy lines of the Earth and keep the secrets of the universe.

The most visited attractions of Easter Island

Of course this is a kind of advertising that brings a lot of revenue for the island. Under the surface of Easter Island is a labyrinth of caves that are not well secured and there is very little information and pictures about them. For a good time and facilities for the tourists there are many small hotels, which even now has a website.

They are the only city with a population of Hanga Roa 3300 people. Most of the population is engaged in tourism. The town has restaurants, shops and a pharmacy nearby airport .

Easter Island is ideal for walking and if you can do horse riding tour . All attractions on Easter Island are available do not even need a guide unless you want to learn the details of some of the sights . The official language is Spanish, but English will also help .

When in 1722 the Dutch Admiral Jacob Roggeveen visited the island date was April 5 , ie According to the Catholic Easter calendar and hence even today the name Easter Island.

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