The best vacation on Mauritius

A dream vacation on Mauritius as a fairy tale. Pressing the camera knob. This is the only condition you have to do to get nice pictures. Everything written in this travel book and the photos are my own. Please don't steal pictures it is wrong. Write me in contact and I will send to you. Bookmark and Share

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Vacation on Mauritius photogallery

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The best experience on Mauritius island

There is no need for a tripod, flash or a camera with several lenses. Maybe with a phone only. The reason is one: you are on Mauritius island. And he is a dream for every photographer. How come I found myself here?

Well, I was watching a video in which a guy crossed the main road around the island for thirty minutes and I said, "This is my place!" There are no All inclusive tourists, planes or cruise ships, and ferries are from time to time. There is, however, color - at every corner, facade or roof.

Most remarkable is that this miniature island is the essence of every archipelago in the Indian Ocean and is worth the effort to come and experience. I hope you like it. A fabulous place! So you gave me a destination idea, all the more so that it is far from me.

Above all, I love such, calm, colorful and distinctive islands. An interesting trip and places. Enjoy an amazing meeting with dolphins. Take a motorboat and visit the island of Benitiers, where you will have a delicious lunch. The unique part of the experience is swimming with dolphins in their natural environment!

A tour of the capital of Mauritius, the beautiful Port Louis, will take you through the pages of the colorful history and cultural diversity of the island. You have the opportunity to go deep into the local forests of southern Mauritius - Les Sept Cascades. Literally translated, the name means "seven waterfalls", the place preferred by locals for hiking in lush greenery.

The transition reveals some of the most challenging places, and at the end of your walk you will reach the cooling springs and waterfalls. You will have the chance to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

You will cross a small path where you will find the seven waterfalls for the first time and then stop in a few more places where you will have the opportunity to see the waterfalls from different countries.

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