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Dream trip to Philippines, as exotic here is everywhere, we have to meet every corner of the islands. Are you ready for a new dose of exotics? We'll take you to a paradise that has been leading the charts for the best beaches in the world for several years. Boracay Island is famous for its coral reefs, fine white sand, crystal clear water and breathtaking sunsets. The island is a dream for many travelers, so we dive boldly into the new destination and invite you to enjoy together this exotic magic called. Philippines! Bookmark and Share

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Travel adventure to Philippines

Today we will change the place of accommodation. Once we stay at the hotel where we have 5 nights with breakfast, our real adventure begins. During our stay we will have the opportunity to have cocktails and send the day with the amazing sunset to one of the most remarkable White Beach beaches.

The 4-kilometer Long Beach White Beach is famous for its fine, sweet-smelling sugar sand and crystal-clear waters. It is no coincidence that it belongs to the most beautiful beaches in the world. This tropical paradise is the perfect place to relax with lots of entertainment and entertainment . Here life is boiling 24 hours a day. Whoever wants a party - this is his place .

Who wants a break - this is his place ... In general, here is everything for everyone. For connoisseurs of exotic cuisine, the locals have provided many temptations. Here we will have the opportunity to try out Japanese cuisine, eat red crabs and taste the best specialties in one of the most popular local restaurants - "Hobit House", where the owners, staff and chefs are dwarfs. Who would have guessed they cooked so delicious?

Besides the most popular "White Beach", we have two more beautiful beaches to visit - Puka beach and Billabong beach. The strong winds and the Billabong beach in the eastern part of the beach provide excellent conditions for windsurfing and parasailing. for scuba diving in the crystal clear waters around the island. We will have the opportunity to sail around the islands with special boats; we will visit Magic Island, Cave Island, Crocodile Island, which are located around Boracay. If you want to explore the drone photography of Philippines, we can offer you beautiful panoramic photos.

We will sail with the giant turtles, drive jets and dive into the incredible turquoise waters. For seafarers, we've provided Helmet diving while enjoying unbelievable coral, eating fish and seeing the exceptional beauty of the scenery. In general we have selected for you the most interesting extra trips you can enjoy for the time you are in this fabulous place, including ATV safaris on the beaches of the island and riding horses in the tropical forests of the New Coast area.

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