The most important attractions in Raja Ampat

Diving adventures of Raja Ampat islands west of Papua in Indonesia. The literal translation means "The Four Kings", perhaps the four main islands - Salawati, Misool, Waigeo and Batanta.

There is something special about Raja Ampat perhaps the nature that is protected by law. Here you can see a great variety of marine species, making Raja Ampat, an important destination in Indonesia.

In my opinion, this is the best destination in the world, especially for divers and every fan of the underwater world.

The history of these islands is very interesting, though it is just mythology and I will not deal with it. I will focus your attention, for example, on how to get to Raja Ampat without any problems. Of course you have to pay the fee for a visit to the park, which is about 85 dollars.

It is paid at the hotel in which you stay or in advance on the internet. This money goes to maintenance of the park and the services that are offered there. This authorization is usually for one year. It is good to know that the starting point for the archipelago is the city of Sorong.

It's easiest to reach by plane from Jakarta. From the city of Sorong, take a ferry to one of the four islands where you have a hotel reservation. Typically, tourists head for the main island of Waigeo and the small town of Wasai. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Raja Ampat

The same city is the administrative capital and main port of Raja Ampat. Most guest houses and resorts are here, and there is a large selection of yachts in the harbor that are hired along with diving equipment.

It is good to let them know in advance. Prices for the equipment are quite high, but it's worth it because of the experience. Besides diving, there are all the amenities for a wonderful holiday. Local people are very hospitable.

They love visitors especially if they are from a distant country and with another kind of skin color. Another interesting attraction of Raja Ampat is the observation of rare birds, but you have to find the right guide. Because Raja Ampat is on the equator, it means that the humidity is over 80% and the temperature of the water and the air is constant.

From June to mid September is windy, and December and January are wet months. Like any Muslim country, alcohol is a rarity, but beer has almost everywhere, which is about $ 3 on average. If you know English is good though the local population speaks this language at a basic level, but enough to understand you.

The main food of the local population is fish, such as rice, tofu and various vegetables. There are almost no fruits except for bananas. Of course there is also Western food, but my advice is to try local delicacies ... you are not here!

Shopping in Raja Ampat is a real pleasure, particularly in the city of Waisai and the city of Sorong. Stores are everywhere on the way home.

Only drink bottled or boiled water. Walk in the morning and in the evening with long clothes, because the mosquitoes are very annoying, and someone can infect you with malaria. Be sure to make health insurance.

And at the end of my story about Raja Ampat, I can also recommend an interesting attractions in Borneo Island . The first reason is that you are close enough and the second is that you will really see something unique and unforgettable.

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