Top 10 attractions in Denmark

Historical and cultural attractions in Denmark are among the most visited among the Nordic countries. This is mainly due to the fact that the country has a rich history, which in turn has a favorable tourism. Much of the territory of Denmark is located on the peninsula of Jutland and around it there are many islands in both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Let's not forget the interesting fact that Greenland and the Faroe Islands are a Danish overseas territories. The landscape is very similar to that of the Netherlands, because of the low altitude between 0 and 100 meters. Nature is uniform , but that's no reason the country has one of the highest living standards in the world .

The climate is humid and temperate , with rainfall coming from the Atlantic Ocean steady during the year. Here is a list of the most important attractions in Denmark , you need to visit. The first tourist attraction is the Gothic Cathedral Roskilde. It was built only of brick in 1170 , there are the graves of the Danish royal family. Bookmark and Share

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Amusement attractions in Denmark

Over the centuries repeatedly rebuilt and is included in the UNESCO list . The next landmark is the castle in Denmark Kronborg. Built in 1574 by a narrow strait Sund, which separates Sweden from Denmark. Kronborg Castle is known as Elsinore of literary work Hamlet .

Be sure to visit Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, the capital . This is the second oldest amusement park in the world built back in 1914. Copenhagen can shoot with one of the emblems of Denmark - the Little Mermaid statue placed in 1913 in the main harbor.

The most visited attractions in Denmark

The dimensions of the statue are too small but world famous after the homonymous work of Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. Natural attractions in Denmark may mention rocks Mon.

This bright limestone rocks extending over an area of 7 km in places high about 400 meters. Declared a nature reserve for this purpose has built special paths for tourists in order to better enjoy the natural splendor of this rare phenomenon.

Visit the winter home of the Danish family Amalienborg castle. The entire complex consists of an octagonal square surrounded by four palaces built in the Rococo style .

At the entrance of the palace stands the statue of Danish King Frederick V, and two of the palaces are open to visitors. If you doubt the engineering capabilities of Denmark and Sweden , it surely see Oresund Bridge. 5 km long , connecting Sweden and Denmark - opened in 1999.

Every tourist who wants to see the capital Copenhagen high, can do so in the Round observatory 100 feet high . There is a telescope for a more detailed discussion of the city.

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