The most favorite tourist attractions in Cyprus

Attractions in Cyprus are the third largest island in the Mediterranean, but retains much of its history. Among attractions in Cyprus has preserved remains of ancient times. Although the island is divided between Attractions in Turkey and Attractions in Greece , It has kept its identity.

The nation's capital is Nicosia, but the largest city with the largest port is Limassol. Limassol is the largest seaside center for transit trade. Kourion is the city with the most remains from past times. Here is the Attractions in Itali like Roman amphitheater and several well-preserved mosaics in the pantheon of Achilles.

Another attraction in Cyprus is Paphos - the birthplace of Aphrodite. Here is an impressive fortress inside the castle which is Paphos.

30 km from Larnaca is another attraction in Cyprus - Khirokitia. It is well preserved stone village from the Neolithic era. A characteristic of housing during this period is that they are cylindrical, having an outer diameter of up to 9 m and 5 m internal.

It is not understand why so were constructed, but these buildings are on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO. Visit Stavrovouni monastery, which was built on top of a high hill not far from Larnaca. Bookmark and Share

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Nature Akamas peninsula
ancient ruins in Salamis
Khirokitia vilage
Natural bay in Cyprus
Nissi beach
Petra Tou Romiou beach
rock beach of Cyprus
Roman amphitheater kourion
Nature salt lake of Cuprus
Stavrovouni monastery

The most wonderful attractions in Cyprus

It was founded, according to legend of Saint Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine I. The monks here follow all ecclesiastical laws, such as in the monastery are allowed only men. At 40 km from Larnaca is also one of the attractions in Cyprus - Lefkara. It is very well preserved mountain village with stone houses and a basic livelihood, silver lace knitting.

Amazing tourist attractions in Cyprus

In the western part of Cyprus is the Akamas peninsula. This is a protected area by UNESCO. This region can safely swim, ride a bicycle or walk away. For lovers of history and art of ancient civilizations offer other attractions in Cyprus, it is very famous city in ancient Salamis. The ruins of this ancient country that has been on the rise during the 8-6 centuries BC, located about 10 kilometna of the current city of Famagusta. About Limassol has many attractions such as the Castle Kolossi.

Incredible building built by the French military, a good example of military construction. The walls of the fort are massive with a height of 21 meters. The beaches in Cyprus are a leading position visit from a hungry holiday travelers. They are the main landmarks in Cyprus and should not be ignored. These are: Petra Tou Romiou - this is the beach according to legend, Aphrodite out right here on the coast. In the summer the beach is crowded. Nissi - the ideal beach with lots of bars and cafes in the vicinity. At 100 meters from the beach is a small island, a favorite spot for swimmers and divers.

Coral Bay - beach only 600 meters long, but surrounded by rocks and underwater caves. The sand is fine and white, and here bathe both tourists and locals. Phinikoudes - the loudest beach in southern Cyprus, perhaps because of its proximity to the city of Larnaca. There is a pedestrian street with small palm trees that shade in the summer heat. The location of the complex is very similar to Miami Beach. Cyprus attractions are preferred by many teams who are preparing this winter. Sports facilities are well maintained, and the hotels are very high.

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