The most interesting attractions in Curacao

One of the most beautiful overseas possessions of the Netherlands are the attractions of Curacao. This beautiful island is located in the Caribbean Sea, near the coast of Venezuela. According to some, island of Curacao belongs to South America, while others believe that it is part of the Caribbean.

Of course this does not matter much for the tourists who arrived in this paradise on Earth. Curacao Island and its neighboring islands Aruba and Bonaire are coral nature. Its area is too small only 444 km2 and population of about 150 000 people.

Local population relies entirely on tourism and doing everything possible tourists to feel comfortable and comfortable. The largest city is Willemstad - here are most administrative buildings, from where it manages the island. As the island of Curacao is surrounded by coral reefs, the main attraction of Curacao are diving into the depths of the ocean and of course well-preserved and maintained beaches.

Although it was a Dutch colony in the past, the island is managed by the governor. Hire a car and calm day you can explore the main centers of the island of Curacao. Immediately you notice the Dutch and Spanish architectural styles. The most famous five-star luxury resort, which will stay says - "Breeze". Bookmark and Share

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Cultural and historical attractions of Curacao

Moreover Well selected friendly staff at the complex are offered all services as well as if you are in Hawaii. Curacao Island is small enough and really there is no way to find out when you pass from one village to another.

The most convenient place for diving is Ocean Encounters. Dock for yachts is situated so as you can actually from there to start your underwater adventure. The water is so clear and blue that visibility is 30 meters. There are conditions for night dives when the moon is bright and illuminates the seabed. The best place for shopping and sightseeing on the island of Curacao's capital Willemstad.

Most buildings are protected from the programs of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most interesting are the houses of the landowners and slaveholders from the era of colonialism. These houses look like stately homes of the South American States.

Sightseeing tour attractions in Curacao

Flourishing on the island of Curacao was exactly during those years, but after the abolition of slavery, much of the population leaves this beautiful island and directed for the U.S. and South America.

Apart from offering local specialties to taste good island delicacy steamed or roasted iguana. Little strange may sound, but sometimes iguanas are caught from a nearby tree and immediately prepare to eat. It is well to catch an alley cat and bake it front of you on the street.

Of the historical sites of the island we could mention the statue of Pedro Luis Brion, which is located in Plaza Brionplein, Fort Amsterdam and the palace of the governor, the Dutch Catholic Church from 1769 and others.

The latest attraction, which will write the largest marine aquarium in the Caribbean CuraƧao Seaquarium. Here you will see over 400 species of marine life, including dolphins, sharks and sea turtles.

Price for an adult is $ 20, and $ 10 for deja. If you want to be in the tank with a suit and watch the shooting and how they eat fish then you will pay a fee between $ 40 to $ 150.

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