The most important attractions in Cuba Havana Varadero

Cuba is a country that will reveal its rich history and culture. Cubans have kept himself unstrained happiness and freedom. Their treasure lies in independence, sun, music, sand ...

Not surprisingly, the country has an unusual attraction - every year it is visited by nearly one million tourists as the most desirable destinations are Havana and the resort town of Varadero. Havana is a unique city, divided into old and new part.

Years ago, the historic center of Havana was the richest colony of Latin America. It was here that was located port, which are freighters treasure.

Fabulous buildings, which house museums and churches are true masterpieces. Another famous landmark is the Cathedral of Havana.

The impressive building is in the baroque style of XVII-th century. The temple was built to replace an old Jesuit church. To 1898 cathedral were saved remains of Christopher Columbus before being transferred to Parliament building. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Cuba Varadero

Art lovers will be charmed by the National Museum of Fine Arts. It is located in three impressive buildings. Spend enough time to see it as its corridors are a labyrinth. You can immerse yourself in the works of Velazquez, Rubens, Goya and others. The majority of the paintings are of Cuban and Spanish artists. Museum of Napoleon's another exciting part of Havana.

The building resembles a small palace in the Italian style. The museum store various items that belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte.

These are the weapons that he used during key battles, personal ornaments and objects with which they served. This extraordinary cultural center will offer a brief return to the story. Most will feel Cuban atmosphere while walking along the narrow, narrow streets that will take you to the fortress of Havana.

Built in 1774g., "San Carlos works Cabanel" is the largest colonial military fort in the New World. Over the past two hundred years the castle was a prison and military base. In the castle you can see the weapons adapted protection of the city. An important part of attractions in Cuba visit the resort town of Varadero. The city is located about 140 km from the capital Havana, Peninsula Ikakos. Here is the most famous beach in the state.

The fine sand and crystal water are great prerequisite for an unforgettable vacation. While entering into the water will run out of breath from corals on the bottom that are brightly dyed in different colors.

Sea adventures do not end there! Great experience is a boat trip on velvet waves. The whole elegance is enhanced when only inches you start jumping dolphins.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Varadero are sunsets. These moments are the dream of many. Be sure to enjoy the sun, which seemed to sink into the water, leaving various shades behind!

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