Beautiful pictures of crater lakes

One of the most interesting natural objects on Earth are crater lakes. Each lake has its own history and way of formation and therefore the diversity of lakes in volcanic craters is so great. This will give you information for the 10 most impressive for tourists crater lakes.

The island Honshyu, Japan Mount Zao is Lake Okama. It was repositioned the the crater Goshiki-Dake and deep about 60 meters.

It is also known by the name of Five Color Pond or lake with five colors. So called because of the frequent change of color of the water depending on the season. The crater of the volcano has cooled in 1720 and since then the lake is a major tourist attraction.

In the southern mountainous part of attractions in Alaska in reserve from 1912 there is a crater lakes Mount Katmai. During the greater part of the year, the top is frozen.

Extremely scenic extinct volcano on the island of Luzon, Taal Volcano in attractions of the Philippines. The scale of the volcano rises above the water and picturesque island that is formed is considered the largest volcanic island in Vulcan Point volcanic lake. Deriba Crater is located in the western part of Sudan height of 3042 meters in the Darfur region. Bookmark and Share

Crater lakes photo gallery

Africa Crater lake
Iceland Askja Crater lake
goshikidake japan Crater lake
Sudan Jebel Marra Deriba Crater lake
Iceland Kerid Crater lake
mount katmai Crater lake alaska
Mount Mazama Crater lake Oregon
mount ruapehu Crater lake New Zealand
amazing Crater lake
Quilotoa Crater lake Ecuador

The most interesting crater lakes

The dimensions of the crater are between five kilometers and eight kilometers. This is the highest point in Sudan. It is believed that the volcano could erupt again because water is a hot mineral spring.

Panoramic photos of crater lakes

Mount Ruapehu - the largest volcano and part of attractions in New Zealand, and the lake is located between three peaks. In winter, the water bubbling over the frozen ice.

Crater Lake Kerid in South Iceland, a popular tourist attraction, part of the so-called route Golden Circle. Around the lake there Kerid several similar ones. Kerid lake is very beautiful because its shores are very colorful and are accessible to people.

Crater Lake Mazama in Oregon. The most clear lake in the world, which is fed by rain falling. Mazama Lake is also one of the deepest 594 meters.

Another very beautiful crater lake is Quilotoa in Ecuador. Located in the high mountains of this exotic South American country. The crater has a diameter of 3 km, and the lake has a depth of 250 meters. The color of water is green because of the dissolved minerals.

Crater lake Albertine Rift in Africa. Located in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Africa. Was formed by volcanic explosions in the past. Very colorful and very beautiful, especially if you watch from above.

Kelimutu volcano owns three stunning and unique in its content of crater lakes. The names of the lakes are graterite Tiwu Ata Mbupu, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai and Tiwu Ata Polo. These are Indonesian titles that you play a role in the local dialect.

Another interesting fact is that they are very close distance to each other and are a major tourist attraction in the area. Also, these colored crater lakes are a gold mine for geologists and natural scientists.

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