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A small but very beautiful country known landmarks of Costa Rica worldwide. Many famous Hollywood productions are filmed in the gorgeous scenery of their movies. Costa Rica is a very small country in size but is rich in diverse flora and fauna typical of the tropics. Not accidentally the basic strategy is the protection of flora and fauna.

Trips of tourists are so organized that include relaxing on the beach.

Attractions in Costa Rica is very similar to attractions in Nicaragua and include visits to nature conservation areas, the most interesting is the observation of wildlife from the top of trees.

Through special cable paths around 25-30 meters from the ground, where tourists move and watch tropical forests.

The most famous natural landmarks Costa Rica protected area is Monteverde. This is a unique complex of several ecosystems with very enigmatic representatives of birds like hummingbird - the emblem of Costa Rica and Guatemala attractions.

Biodiversity is huge, including the 40-meter trees and humidity close to 100%. Year-round tropical forest and fauna in it are shrouded in clouds. Bookmark and Share

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Thus seen species such as sloth and some howler. Another attraction of Costa Rica in Monteverde Reserve.

Travel agents offering tour to the mountain forests, often in mist and visit the town of Santa Elena, where monthly music festivals and seminars in applied arts.

In the province of Guanacaste you can see the so-called dry forests, but the most interesting attraction remains active volcanoes. As they often erupt, the local population is prepared to evacuate at any time.

Irazu volcano is the highest in Costa Rica and rises to an impressive height of 3432 m. The view into the crater is unspeakable.

At the opposite extreme is the national park "Tortuguero" because here you will see caimans, and sea otters and many bird species.

Of the many national parks in Costa Rica is one that has long captured the hearts of tourists with its white-sand beaches, lush forests and coral reefs. Manuel Antonio National Park is small enough in terms of area, but with preserved flora and fauna. Just found this Red Squirrel Monkeys monkeys. The main attraction of this place is a dive not wearing a wetsuit and easily accessible fishing.

After long walks in the rainforest will need complete rest assured your Hotel La Mariposa, located on a high cliff. The view from the hotel is a 360 degree panoramas. Delicious dishes from the kitchen of the hotel are superb. June to August or possibly December to March is the best time for tourism in this part of the Earth.

The tour is by boat along the canal 23 kilometers long. and is the only mode of transport in the area between the villages.

Temperatures in Costa Rica are high all year around 30 º C and at night drop to 20 º C. Humidity is also very big and the rains are frequent, which is normal because the country is located between two oceans. For more travel attractions click here ...

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