Attractions in Corsica of the Mediterranean

Attractions in Corsica are part of France's island province with a population of about 300,000 inhabitants. The island is highly mountainous, the highest point is Mount Monte Cinto 2710 m. Ajaccio is the capital and other major cities Bastia, Corte and Sarti.

The favorable location of Corsica between Italy and France in the heart of the Mediterranean is a good factor for economic development and tourism. In the northeastern part of the island is a protected area by UNESCO. It covers Porto Bay Reserve Scandola.

Other interesting natural attractions of the island of Corsica is Porto-Vecchio, Calvi and Bonifacio. On this beautiful island will see many similar landmarks as the most famous attractions in Italy, but as you will not see anything like French castles etc.

Coast of the island is dotted with many beautiful beaches, real attractions in Corsica - Spiazzi di Balistra, Palombadzhiya, Rondinara, Santa Giulia, Palombadzhiya and much more. Bookmark and Share

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Ajaccio attraction in Corsica
Corsica port ajaccio
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Porto Vecchio landmarks in Corsica
Scandola Reserve in Corsica

Incredibly attractions in Corsica

If you are looking for privacy with your spouse Corsica offers deserted beaches and coves, white sand and crystal clear water.

Nature is very well preserved, green is everywhere, small villages and towns in the interior of the island raise admiration in tourists.

There are no major resorts on the island of Corsica, and small and very well maintained hotels around them of the charming restaurants and cafes, furnished with taste and style of the local culture and customs.

Caring for the environment is a priority for the island population.

Inside the island can meet freely wander wild boar, mouflon, chamois and wild cats. Visit the village of Monte Maggiore in the northwestern part of the island. Very romantic, historic place with narrow streets, small churches and chapels located on a hill which opens velichestvenna views.

In the southern part of Corsica is a very beautiful town of Bonifacio, retained much of its former charm and traditions. The town is built on a narrow peninsula very beautiful and at the bottom of the bay is a quiet marina. Across the bay is steep rock, the houses are located on the edge of the cliff.

The town of Porto Vecchio is also worth a visit. Around it is full of beautiful beaches and exotic greenery. The biggest administrative and commercial center of the island of Corsica's Bastia. There are regular ferries from Bastia to all major ports in Italy and France, such as Marseille, Nice, Livorno and Genoa.

20 km. from Bastia in the north is the town of Saint-Florent. There is a lot of attractions in Corsica - marina, Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and of course Alice estuary.

Let's not forget the one about the history of Corsica. Here Napoleon Bonaparte was born.

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