The most exotic attractions of Cook Islands

Attractions of Cook Islands are mainly in these exotic Pacific latitudes, small but secluded beaches, well-defined atolls and of course the flora and fauna in inland and in the deep sea. Not to mention who are baptized Cook Islands, nor when they were discovered by Europeans.

One thing is important that people initially came from the island of Tahiti and the island of Samoa with his culture and customs. This is what tourists want to see, and the charm of the Pacific in this remote spot on the Earth. Territory of Cook Islands is quite a broad term because they stretch quite a large area in the Pacific Ocean - 850,000 sea miles.

Divided into two groups: Northern Cook Islands and Southern Cook Islands ie 6 major islands and 9 atolls.

Since the nearest land are attractions in New Zealand, the population is considered to New Zealand, although administrative Cook Islands are owned by the Queen. The main livelihood is tourism, ¾ work and serve the largest travel companies.

Northern Cook Islands are coral character and southern Cook Islands are volcanic origin.Bookmark and Share

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The most interesting attractions of Cook Islands

Annual Cook Islands are visited by about 100,000 tourists. Southern Cook Islands are famous because they are more exotic and higher altitude.

On the island of Rarotonga is the highest point of Mount They Manga (653 m). Here live two thirds of the population of Cook Islands. To keep the exotic nature of Cook Islands luxury hotels are low wooden houses equipped with all amenities for the most discerning visitor.

What impresses tourists, first dances and music of the local population. The main instruments are drums and the women are dressed in palm branches and decorated with colorful flowers. If you are good dancers can join in the dancing.

The local cuisine is from the ocean , which endows people with its variety and richness . Lobsters , fish, octopus and exotic fruits are just some of the culinary traditions of the Cook Islands .

If you are fond of underwater fishing, you can catch bonito or barracuda . Naturally the coast will prepare the fish lightly marinated in coconut cream and lemon. For ladies offer a romantic walk with Vaca - it's kind canoe specifically made of residents and quite different from Polynesian canoes.

How to paddle stroke is a difficult form of the letter J.

In addition to the island of Rarotonga, where you will meet and cover themselves with flowers "Lei" as is tradition and attractions in Hawaii , probably from there was transferred this plant, other smaller but also beautiful islands are Mangaia Island - the second largest , the island of Pukapuka fear - the most isolated and island Suvarov - mysterious island. This is only part of the advertising of these paradise islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The average stay is about $ 100, but worth natives feel far from civilization and the big noisy city.

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