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Attractions of Colombia are not only on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, but also on the Pacific coast. Before you can view this fabulous party, it helps to become familiar with the properties of the local people, what you can do to spend your vacation without any problems. Colombia is the part of attractions in South America , located in north-western part, which attracts thousands of tourists from the whole world with its unique scenery and ancient culture. The actual geography and history are part of what influence the great interest of many tour operators. Most people associate Colombia with high crime and drug trade, but from another perspective the country is known for its coffee "arabica", which is the trademark of the population.

In Colombia there are several cities that are worth visiting from a historical perspective. Las Lajas Cathedral is one of the most beautiful cultural attractions of Colombia. As you look from the side you'll find that you are in a fairy tale, because it is built between two mountain slopes. This famous pilgrimage church was built on solid rock above the river Guaitara. Construction of the cathedral lasted more than 30 years as an appearance in the Gothic style. At the very gorge rise majestically two waterfall with a height of 100 meters. This view of the attractions of Colombia is impressive. Las Lajas Cathedral was built entirely from donations of the people of the area. Image of Virgin Mary in the rock, built on the highest altar. Bookmark and Share

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Colombia portada bahia
Bogota capitol of Colombia
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Colombian plantation
Colombia Mertropiques
Quindio of Colombia
San Andres island of Colombia
Colombia Santa Marta beach
Colombian sity center
volcano eraption in Colombia

First, it is the capital Bogota located 2600 meters. altitude, where snow and rain are common. In recent years Belize tourism and Colombia have general plans to attract more European tourists on a tight budget.

Required to take warm clothing in any season you are there. 80km. the capital is Lake "Guadavita."

The last attraction of Colombia San Agustin Archaeological Reserve. This store unique items from the domestic items to people inhabited Colombia before the arrival of the Incas. The reserve has some interesting stone sculptures, which have remained original paint. The concept of population at that time was a transformation - mostly in the jaguar.

This is the perfect place to relax, because its waters are crystal clear and the view of the surrounding forest is incredible.

Cartagena is the second largest port in Colombia, but travelers prefer it because of its history.

This has taken place and the greatest battle in 1741 between British and Spanish possessions to the Caribbean.

It is good to visit the restored fortress of Castillo Grande and the building of the Inquisition, where you will witness the torture devices.

If you like nature of Colombia you can visit the Amazon jungle. Wild nature is intact and is therefore very dangerous.

It is good to have an experienced guide, because the dangers are at every turn. The most dangerous are snakes, alligators and poisonous plants. You will need in nature of Colombia protective gear because rain and tropical storms come suddenly.

Not to mention that you must have a good physical condition.

The trip to attractions of Colombia will leave feeling that you've touched an unparalleled and unique site of wildlife perfect for film storyline in which you yourself a main character. For more travel attractions click here ...

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