Cocos Islands pearl in the Indian Ocean

Cocos islands is the destination that you have some hesitations where to spend your holiday and still have not decided. You will not be disappointed with your decision. There is a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean, several thousand nautical miles from asian tourist attractions and Australia that few people have heard.

These are the Cocos Islands, which are not really islands but rather several atolls rising thirty feet above the water. Therefore, they are very threatened by the rising waters of the world's oceans and in the coming decades will disappear.

The total area of ​​Cocos Island is just 14 square kilometers.

logical and population is about 600 people. Although a small population of the largest atoll has even airport on the island's West. In 1984 with the help of local people decided referendum Cocos Islands be assigned to the territory of Phenomena of Australia. Bookmark and Share

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The beautiful scenery of the Cocos Islands

Australia, in turn, allows individuals to manage. The main activity of the islands as you might guess is the cultivation of coconut, and of course fishing.

Many years ago Cocos Islands were possession of Great Britain, as in 1609 Captain William Keeling discovered them and mapped the world, but apparently not very palatable to the British, so they transferred them to Australia.

Tourism in this remote archipelago is underdeveloped. Most hotels that are on the beach are actually bungalows, villas and cozy cottages with swimming pool.

People are kind and welcoming, given the very limited options available to the islands. The main attractions are the underwater fishing, and water sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing and more.

Cocos Islands close to heaven

Beach area is only 50 km but the sand is fine and clean, ideal for walking and privacy. Cocos Islands is a favorite place for couples seeking tranquility and privacy.

Capital and administrative tsenar Bant Village is a city and its population are mostly immigrants from all over the world, ranging from Malays 58.5% and 36.7% vestindiytsi and reach out to Australians and Britons.

Only two of the islands are inhabited West and South Islands, as seen from the form of their highly similar inverted crescent.

Do not miss this rare and very exotic faraway destination Cocos Islands.

Far from civilization and maddening and silence in Heaven.

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