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Planning a trip to China attractions is very exciting but confusing too. China is a big country extended from the deserts in the west to the ocean in the east. China is a country full of rituals and religions. It’s very difficult for you to travel in China on your own if you are first timer in china. So, it’s best for you to take the help of china travel guide.

The area of ​​the Chinese border is great, the party hopes to maintain friendly relations with interesting landmarks of the neighboring countries such as Attractions in Myanmar, Mongolia, India, attractions in Pakistan, Russia, Attractions in Bhutan and others. China is a large country for travelling so you have to do some research about the famous places of china. Now, I will tell you about some famous places of china and for what purpose they are famous here. Displaying in nature China attractions continues Yunnan Stone Forest in China or known as the Shilin.

That kind of miracle of nature is glorified in many Chinese folk legends. According to geologists Yunnan Stone Forest appeared 270 million years ago.

These are limestone rocks that are heavily eroded. The rocks formed a kind of labyrinth - full abstraction. The region has more China attractions such as waterfalls and caves - Wind Cave and Dadie Waterfall.Bookmark and Share

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China Great China Wall

Great Wall of China: I think everyone has heard about it. The famous wall of china is 8500 km wide which is interconnecting china with many other countries and their dynasties.

Forbidden City: Beijing is famous because of Forbidden City or old museum in the center of the Beijing. Another reason for its popularity is famous hanging portrait of Mao Zedong.

Trip to China - Imperial palaces

China’s paradise: Hangzhou is one of the popular China attractions which is famously known as china’s “paradise of earth”. It is a beautiful city mainly famous for its old temples, historic buildings and beautiful gardens. So we can even say that it is best place in china to visit.

Shanghai: Many analyst said that bund is city famous for historical shanghai businessmen. Shanghai is famous for its rich architectural buildings and if you are a casino lover then it is the best place for you where you can view the best China attractions.

Sacred China attractions places

Modern China: Now it’s the time to look for modern china. Hongkong is the one of the most modern city of china as it’s best place for traveler to see some beautiful modern architecture in china. These all are very valuable tips for a first timer to china.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover one of the China attractions - Potala Palace in Lhasa. This is a huge complex of chapels and monasteries which hold a Tibetan religious relics.

Here are kept the remains of the dead Dalai Lama. From 14th to 17th century, the city was an important commercial and financial center. In the Ming Dynasty the city was the seat of the headquarters.

Currently, China is important attraction and a tourist center. Pingyao is located in Shanxi Province, a well-preserved city walls in addition to 64 kilometers long. There are 6 crossing gates and 72 watchtowers. For more travel attractions click here ...

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