The most important attractions in Chalki

Chalki main attractions, the most important of the islands of Rhodes. It is about 10 km long, with a rolling average of about 300 kilograms. Ha Chalki Imam, or Nimborio, or Emborio, and my portrayal of the miniaturization of the port of Cimis, of a Venetian style, decorated with decorative paints.

The ordinary tourists come here for a one-day ferry trip from Rhodes Island, as the island of Chalki offers many services and is ideal for people looking for relaxation and relaxation while lying on the beach all day and eating in local restaurants and taverns.

The haunting way of Chalki is co-located across the island of Rhode Island, since it is not linked to other estates. There is a ferry line from Piréa to Rodoc (not every day) that was passing through Halcqi, which was the last eight o'clock. As soon as you arrive at Rodoc, you can go to Chalki with the ferries that Kairoos Skala and Rodokan are visiting.

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Natural attractions in Chalki

The two nymphs of Nimborio, which found the whole of Chorio, were at the center of the site, and that there was no such thing as a bridge over the port. The peak on a hill above Chorio, which erected a crédocoque crepochet, was the occasion of the 14th century.

The day of crucifixion is guaranteed to be avoided, and it is due to the lowered trajectory of the sumptuous view of the southern and eastern part of the country. Chalki has a number of beaches, one of the most visited places in Porthamos. It is located in a 300 meter Nimborio sandy beach, a shallow and sunny beach with umbrellas and chaise-long walks.

Just a few hundred meters from Kania, one kilometer from the city, and 500 meters south of Nimborio. Both of them have been working with small beach bars. Trachia is a place where you can visit the beach, where you can visit a small beach with two stripes of the country and the crystal clear waters.

So Trachia is a crazy girl or a traveler who has a narrow path that keeps the creature. Chalki Island has souvenir shops and restaurants for lunch and lunch. You can tour the island and visit some of its historical sites.

There are historic sites to visit, such as the ancient Acropolis and the church of St. Nicholas, built in 1861. The hospitality of the local population will delight you, and the island will offer you paths and walks for a walk through the beauty of Chalki. A better option is to relax on the neighboring islands of Rhodes or Kos, so you can easily visit this good destination in the Dodecanese.

The most important day of the year is August 29, a feast held at the Guy Yanis Monastery. Located just a few miles off the island of Rhodes, this tiny island is completely abandoned by its larger neighbor. If you want to escape from the bustling island of Rhodes, this is your place for a relaxing holiday.

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