Natural landmarks in Chad

Landmarks in Chad is one of the most unknown on Earth. Even some of the world's tourist sites and tour operators are advised to avoid walking in the African country, especially in those areas close to the Sudan. Chad is located in the heart of Africa, far from any water resource except Lake Chad. It is this lake is used as a source of drinking water and retains much of the population in this extremely poor country.

Chad country ranks 21 in the world by area, but unfortunately much of it is desert. There still are hostilities between rebels and government troops. Actually, not much to see in this country. Desert or semi-desert terrain, in the northern parts of the country there are mountains and dry areas in the central plains. Only in southern Chad has fertile lowlands along the border with Cameroon. Year-round climate is hot and dry with rare rainfall up to 100 mm. In Chad is the driest part of the Sahara - Borku-Ennedi-Tibesti.

Here the rainfall is below 50 mm per year. Main attraction in Chad remains homonymous lake. It is believed that Lake Chad is the second largest in Africa.

The highest point in Chad is Emi Coussi volcano (3415 meters - the highest peak in the Sahara). Bookmark and Share

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The most famous landmarks in Chad

The capital and largest city is N'Djamena. The city was founded Chari river to the border with Cameroon in 1900 by Frenchman Fort Lamy. N'Djamena population is 738,000 people, half of the people are illiterate. They live in thatched houses on the threshold of absolute poverty.

Islam is the main religion, the official languages of Chad are French and Arabic. The main attractions in N'Djamena are the Cathedral, the Great Mosque and a few remnants of the ancient civilization that lived on this land thousands of years ago.

Desert landmarks in Chad

Chad infrastructure is well developed only around the capital and in other parts of the most used vehicle remains caravan camels. Our recommendation is to avoid this destination, but if you decide to check this poor country in Africa, the best time is during the winter (December-February).

Other landmarks in Chad are: Lake Chad, very shallow lake with large variations in depth, which according to some experts the end of the 21st century will completely disappear, because of the large vapor. For lovers of the mountains offer quite difficult mountain routes Tibesti. Located in the northern part of Chad in the middle of the Sahara desert .

The lack of normal roads to prevent mountain tourism in this very beautiful area. In Chad there are several national parks , the most famous National Park Zakouma. By 2006 the park was threatened by poachers who slaughtered herds of elephants for ivory ( elephant tusks ).

Thanks to the intervention of natural defenders and National Geographic, the population of elephants rescued . At the moment of freedom in the park are about 4000 elephants . In the coming years is expected to Zakouma National Park on the list of protected sites by UNESCO.

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