Architectural attractions in Ceuta and Melilla

Attractions in Ceuta and Melilla, they can join the Spanish attractions, because these are the only areas of Spain on the African continent and in particular to Morocco. Both cities are located on the Mediterranean Sea and the status of independent states, but economically attached to Spain.

While Morocco has a territorial claim to the two cities, according to a survey of the population who are ethnic Spaniards, 85% want to be in the province of Cadiz in Spain. The total population of the cities of Ceuta and Melilla is over 80 000 people, of which most are Christians Catholics and Muslims are a small part .

Spanish language is required, and the currency is the Euro. Attractions in Ceuta and Melilla are old Spanish forts, beautiful harbors in front of them on the northern coast of Africa. Ceuta is used as a port of call for the expansion of industrial trade between Spain and the Arab world . Bookmark and Share

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Historical attractions in Ceuta and Melilla

In recent years, the city has big problems with smuggling and illegal immigration. The main attractions in Ceuta are Plaza de Africa - called the charm of Ceuta because of the beautiful tropical plants, well arranged cobbled streets and architecture.

Other attractions in Ceuta is the Plaza de los Reyes. The square you can see the triumphal arch, fountain, greenery and pedestrian walks. City of Melilla was to Malaga until 1995, after which the status of an autonomous city. The city is located in a semicircle around the beach and the harbor, at the foot of the mountain and river Gurugu Rio de Oro.

There are three main architectural attractions in Melilla. Plaza de Espana - very beautiful square in the middle of a lovely fountain, Statue Grande Libre - a monument symbolizing the history of fascist Spain, a soldier carrying a flag and beside him a lion.

Lovely walks attractions in Ceuta and Melilla

This monument shows that even far from the Spanish territories in Melilla not forgotten history and Puerta de la Marina-the main gate to the fortress of Melilla and the statue of Franco course.

Do not miss the only Gothic building in Africa Capilla de Santiago. Here are a few attractions in Ceuta and Melilla, which will only list - the monument of Enrique Nieto, Plaza Menendez Pelayo, Palacio Municipal, La Purisima Conception Church, Monument of "Encuentros", Monument to Pedro de Estopinan, The Mezquita and others. It should also be noted the trend in recent years in the number of Christians and Muslims in the increase of these two cities.

This is due to the large influx of immigrants from Arab countries. Not accidentally the entire land border have 5 feet tall and network security. However, the camp is full of immigrants four times the very minimum.

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