Natural attractions in Central African Republic

If you want to visit attractions in Central African Republic is good to know that this may not be a good solution. Especially if you want to explore the northern part of the country because there are concentrated most military units , which often become bandits.

The government can not deal with them , so our advice is to avoid this part of the Central African Republic. This country is located in the heart of the continent of Africa, landlocked.

The biggest area of the country is covered with savanna and in the high hills and plateaus has tropical vegetation. Most of the southern border of the Central African Republic Congo rivers, river Mbomu and the river Wele.

If you look at the country from the plane as you will find how many forests there - 75%. Since the Central African Republic is a poor country there are many illegal felling of these evergreen forests. To avoid this, though hardly created Manovo Gounda St Floris National park. Flora and fauna in the park are extremely diverse.

Savannah as you can see a large number of large mammals such as elephants, cheetahs, leopards, black rhinoceros and more. In the northern part of the Central African Republic, as it is only plain water birds. Manovo Gounda St Floris National park is the only landmark in the Central African Republic, which is listed by UNESCO.Bookmark and Share

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Most interesting attractions in Central African Republic

The climate is humid with two different seasons. The dry season is between November to February and rainy from May to October.

The most favorable time to visit is during the months from October to May. For those who have decided to visit this troubled country can only offer two interesting destinations.

Cultural and historical attractions in Central African Republic

These are: the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve and Boal high waterfall about 50 meters. Dzanga-Sangha Reserve is located to the southeast. There are specially built tourist houses, put up with suitable conditions for rest.

Visitors can walk with a companion along the Sangha and observe quietly fauna in the area, walking away in specially prepared for this eco tours.

There are several beautiful waterfalls that are not very high, but in contrast, are quite deep. These are waterfalls Les Chutes de la Mbi and waterfall Chutes de Boali.

Because of the interest of tourists these waterfalls are a controlled rate. Apart from the capital Bangui, the other small towns with small populations. From architectural landmarks in the Central African Republic may mention the Catholic cathedral Bangui Notre Dame, caves Kaga-Kpoungouvou, the palace of Sultan Senoussi - Tata Palace and others. In the vicinity of Bouar megaliths are created during the Neolithic period, some of the stone figures are higher than five meters.

Attractions in the Central African Republic are little known to the tourism industry. Lack of good infrastructure and a small advertisement made this African country away from the tourists from America and Europe. For tourists with a taste pritentsiozen not appeal this destination. If you eventually decide this challenge, bring your mosquito spray, you'll need it all day. If you have time of exhausting walks in the Central African Republic, you can visit the most interesting attractions in Cameroon.

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