Caroline Islands - the center of the Pacific

Caroline Islands are large in size archipelago, located in the western Pacific Ocean. A paradise in the middle of the big Pacific, not once has saved sailors and travelers who had to cross this sea and which could only dream to one day visit.

The number of islands is very controversial, because somewhere you will see 500 islands and in other sources again. The closest islands to the Caroline Islands north of attractions in New Guinea and the attractions of the Philippines to the east.

Although geographically the Caroline Islands a homogeneous whole in fact they are the possession of federal States of Micronesia and attractions of Palau. Most of the islands of the archipelago are equal and low, but there are a small number of larger hills. The most populated island in Yap with 7,000 people. Bookmark and Share

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Tourism in Caroline Islands

Local people earn their living with agricultural crops and fishing. At this archipelago has no significant interest from major travel companies. You will not find luxury resorts or cruise ships docked. That is why Caroline Islands have preserved their identity and culture. However, this pristine archipelago in the Pacific Ocean offers a very interesting material for testers nature and nature lovers. The scenic lagoon has a large number of black-rooted sharks.

Coral lagoons of the Caroline Islands

Since they are at the top of the food chain and the number has not decreased in recent decades, it shows that there is a well-preserved ecosystem. Some of the larger islands are artificial palm trees that are fighting for space with natural vegetation.

The best option to visit these tropical islands is by boat, as the islands are small distances between themselves. Another important detail is the lack of drinking water in most islands.

Exception of a few underground freshwater wells as Nake and South Islets. The same applies to the soil. Most of the Caroline Islands are coral and have only a few inches soils are less fertile.

The charm and beauty of the Caroline Islands in flora and fauna. Here is the largest colony of coconut crabs and mussels. According to recent reports by the UN and the Caroline Islands of Micronesia is threatening sinking due to global warming on Earth.

There are measures to reduce this phenomenon, but they are not enough and most likely after 2025 in most of the islands will be under water. A curious fact is that it is at these latitudes ocean comes a new day, because this is the place to change the date.

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