Attractions of Cape Verde, paradise among Atlantic

Big travelers by sea well known attractions of Cape Verde, but for ordinary tourists in recent years, it is quite forgotten destination. Cape Verde is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, located approximately 600 km west of the Landmarks in Africa continent. It consists of 15 volcanic islands such Santyagu, Sao Vicente and Santos Antau are densely populated.

In the past, Cape Verde was an important stop to ships crossing the Atlantic, but after the opening of the Suez Canal in attractions on the Nile, the strategic position of the islands is lost and it reduces interest.

Cape Verde has the status of a Portugal colony, although there gained autonomy.

While it is a former colony of Portugal in Cape Verde will not see much similarity to the major attractions of Portugal. On the contrary, this well preserved nature, perhaps because the archipelago is very far from the continent of Europe and Africa. Tourism in recent years occupies a growing part of the revenues of the archipelago. Tourists mainly visit the islands extinct volcanoes. Bookmark and Share

Attractions of Cape Verde photo gallery

cape verde beaches
cape verde boa vista island
cape verde brava island
brava island in cape verde
cape verde Volcano Fogo
Cape Verde harbor Mindelo
Cape Verde santo antao
Cape Verde Sao Vicente
Cape Verde sao vincente
Cape Verde St. Nicolau

Most important attractions of Cape Verde

The island Fogu is not only extinct volcano with a height of 2,829 meters (Pico do Fogo). The island has two villages with a population of about a hundred people.

Western islands like Santiago and Sao Nicolae Fagu is mountainous and eastern Sal, Boa Vista and Mayo are relatively equal.

The country is best known for its tourism water (water sports and sport fishing). While locals are Creole, a very preserved Portuguese architecture and traditions.

Great interest of tourists is to underwater diving and buried ships sailing past. The most visited island in Cape Verde's São Vicente. The beaches are suitable for relaxation and service is high.

Most beautiful and most visited attractions of Cape Verde

The islands can be visited all year round and tourists will be happy with a walk through the historic colonial towns - Mindy and Ribeira Grande.

Cape Verde may briefly be described in words - quiet, beautiful scenery and music. A smile is common among the population of Cape Verde, has its term "morabeza".

This means you friendly person who greets you with a smile. Each of the islands can be described in a few words:

beautiful beaches of Boa Vista, the beautiful mountains of St. Anthony, on the Fogo volcano, the European way of life in San Vicente, inaccessible island of Santa Lucia, refined spirit of San Nicholas, divine nature on the island of Sal, music, dance and bars of Santiago and the old legends of the island of Brava - these are just a few of the attractions of Cape Verde. Visit these distant islands because you will be really happy.

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