The most important attractions in Campania

Campania southern Italy located south of Lazio, which marked the beginning of etc. mezzogiorno. The name of the area comes from the Romans, who named it campania felix (Happy Land). The first settlers of the region, however, were not Romans and ancient Greeks. They deployed their homes in the place where today the city of Naples, and it became part of Magna Graecia.

So coastal region in southern Italy became home to the ancient Greeks. Today Campaign has become a rich cultural and tourist destination, especially with regard to gastronomy, music, architecture and archeology. Izobilstavashta natural beauty and scenery, Campania is one of the most visited regions in Italy, which attracts with its ancient locality, drama and contrasts. From the bustling streets of Naples in the story that tells Vesuvius, to the majestic views offered Amalfi Coast, Campania region can be described with one word: fascinating. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Campania

Naples, the capital of the province, a city to which we can not remain indifferent. It creates the image of the region and a must destination if you want to explore southern Italy. Just about an hour by train from Rome, you will need at least a few days for you to plunge into the atmosphere and feel the taste of Naples and let him charm you with its impressive architecture and flavor of pizza.

It is the third largest city in Italy, most artistic and most delicious. Walking through the busy streets, you can enjoy the magnificent buildings - from medieval castles and churches to ancient sites, creations from the era of the Renaissance and Baroque. Naples is a city of food. There's created one of the most favorite foods all over the world - the pizza. So Naples is the perfect place for lovers of the fresh and incredibly delicious Italian cuisine. Naples Bay offers a bunch of other sites carrying us to the romance of the past.

The background of Naples rises majestically dark Vesuvius - the volcano, telling the sad fate of the cities Pompeii and Herculaneum, burned by the lava its 2,000 years ago. If you want to cruise, you can stroll and enjoy one of three islands located within the region: Capri, Ischia and Protsida. Each captivates with its beauty and liveliness. Capri is the most visited island Ischia is famous for its mineral springs and Protsida - will enchant you with an authentic atmosphere.

And last but not least - Amalfi Coast, the most visited site in the region. Vertical World of dipping into the sea cliffs, steep dangerous cities and streets, breathtaking views. Hidden from the world until the mid-20th century, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular destinations in Italy. Being in it, you can indulge in a drive in the famous seaside roads and cities of Amalfi and Positano needs no introduction.

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