The most visited attractions in Cameroon

Unlike other African countries, where there is constant bloodshed, Cameroon is a peaceful country and that helps a lot of attractions in Cameroon are among the most visited. Some tourists define this beautiful African country "Africa in miniature".

Part of the coast of the Gulf of Guinea belongs to Cameroon , and inside there's a limit to Nigeria , Gabon , Congo , Equatorial Guinea and others. Among the attractions in Cameroon can add natural and geological formations that are worth seeing.

Exceptional diversity of flora and fauna for seemingly small area of Cameroon, one can say that here savannas , deserts , jungles and mountains are one. In the Mount Cameroon is the highest peak is phaco 4040 . Unfortunately, the majority of the population lives very poor , but the reasons for this are different.

The explanation is widespread corruption in the country. The climate is humid along the Atlantic coast and in the southern parts of the country. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Cameroon

Be sure to visit the Biosphere Reserve Dja, which is located in southern Cameroon, surrounded by the River Dja. Is included in the UNESCO list as a protected area .

Biodiversity is high - more than 100 species of mammals, 45 species of trees, some of which are high more than 50 meters and of course the population that inhabits the reserve.

Pygmies harmless people who make a living from the fruits of the forest and often change their habitat . High are 150 cm long and can rarely see them . If you want to shoot them remember and bring gifts.

Major tourist attractions in Cameroon

Also interesting destination is Mount Cameroon and active eponymous volcano 4095 meters high. The road is very long and difficult, but the pictures that will make the effort worthwhile.

This peak is the highest in the whole of West Africa. Cameroon's coastline also offers interesting attractions. Beautiful beaches around Limbe and most visited National Park Waza are preferred by tourists.

An interesting safari park Waza will be good because you can watch giraffes, elephants and lions in their natural environment. Do not miss a walk in the wonderful rock formations of the Mandara Mountains just north . Cameroon is rich in water resources.

In the country running rivers Niger , Shari , Dja, Vuri and others. The capital of Cameroon is Yaounde , a city full of open markets , hotels and restaurants.

A tip from us : When taking pictures in a busy location , be careful not to incur the wrath of the police, because you may consider one that reflects life in Cameroon wrong or you may be charged with espionage. Just do it discreetly .

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