Attractions in Burundi - the heart of Africa

One of the poorest countries in the world, but with great potential for tourism in equatorial Africa remains attractions in Burundi. Actually Buruntsi is the smallest in area country on the continent. In the country there are not many sources of water, except for Lake Tanganyika. Population increases in recent years.

People in the region are engaged in agriculture and permanently cut equatorial forests. This leads to soil erosion, frequent landslides and impoverishment of the earth. Reduction and disappearance of wildlife in this beautiful country in the past is a fact. Burundi is one of the central plateau with an average altitude of 1700 meters.

Government to take measures to protect wildlife, but faces many difficulties and incomprehension of horata.Imenno therefore there are several national parks which are the main attractions in Burundi. Two are the largest national parks. Kibira National Park and Rurubu National park. They were discovered in 1982 and to some extent the problem is solved with the protection of flora and fauna in Burundi. It may seem ridiculous compared to the other countries in the region, but the number of tourists visiting Burundi has only 25,000 people. Not too little , perhaps because of visa restrictions and disease in the heart of Africa. The capital and largest city of Burundi is Bujumbura. Bookmark and Share

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Attractions in Burundi, flora and fauna

Located in the northern part of Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest lake in the world after Lake Baikal. In fact, in the city of Bujumbura could spend an unforgettable vacation eating on the shore of Lake Tanganyika delicious " Sangala " and during the day to ride a horse or playing golf.

The other major city is Gitega which is located in the geographic center of Burundi. This city has its charm. Center of crafts such as carving, tanning, pottery and ivory. Natural attractions in Burundi can mention Carrera waterfall - the highest in the country.

Kibira National Park is famous for its forests and wildlife in them. Monkeys and more than 90 species of mammals, 200 species of birds and 700 species of various plants are just some of the treasures of the park. National Park itself is surrounded by a mountain range.

Of the high places in the mountains are special observation posts to allow tourists to enjoy the scenery in the park. Ruvubu National Park is located on both sides of the eponymous river and has an area of only 500 square kilometers There is an opportunity to camp at designated sites. In the park there are bulls, crocodiles, hippos, antelopes and lions.

This reserve is home to over 400 species of birds and many rare exotic flowers. There are several reserves in Burundi, which will only mention them : Mugara, Kigvena, Rusizi and Rumondzh. For easy movement in nature in Burundi have the opportunity to safari. The routes are well visited by the shores of Lake Tanganyika and in the interior, even a visit to the neighboring countries of Burundi for example like Rwanda.

There are visiting the hot Kibabi hot springs , Chutes de la Kagera, forest of Nyakazu and Muishanga, nature reserve Makamba, Rusizi National Park and others. You're in an exciting journey to the attractions in Burundi.

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