The most important attractions in Bryce canyon

Bryce canyon Utah is one of the largest national parks in the US, which is located in southwestern Utah, at an altitude of 2400-2700 meters .. is unique with its geological formations hoodoo, formed under the influence of wind, water and ice, which together form impressive natural amphitheater.

The first tourists began to come until 1918, but due to difficult access and lack of accommodation number is very modest. In the 20th years of XX century, when the railway system in the United States began to grow with the construction of a modest hotel in the canyon, the number of visitors began to increase. The best time to visit the park is from April to October when the weather is pleasant, with cool days and cold nights. In winter, temperatures drop sharply, but the weather remained sunny and clear. The air is very clean and the canyon has very good visibility -from 200 miles, and at night one can enjoy one of the most beautiful night pictures of stars and the Milky Way. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Bryce canyon

Colorful formations that make up the "Hoodoos" in the park representing sediments brought by the system cold streams and lakes that existed before 63 to 40 million years. Hoodoo may have any shapes due to random fluctuations in erosion.

About 70 million years started elevation, which led to the formation of the Rocky Mountains. Vertical links have been created as a result of this rise, which to this day are under the process of erosion.

The most severely eroded so-called Pink Cliffs of formation Claron, whose pink color due to the presence of iron oxide and magnesium. In their erosion have formed freestanding needles, rock formations called hoodoo, while more resistant White Cliffs create monoliths.

Among the interesting formations are geologochni arches, natural bridges, walls and windows. Hudu are composed of soft sedimentary rock covered with more hard rock, which erodes more difficult. Among the formations that can be seen here, are part of a geological formation called the Grand Staircase.

Let me just remind you that Bryce canyon is a small piece of the natural landmarks in Utah.

The oldest rocks of this series are located in the Grand Canyon, the average age of those are in Zion National Park and the youngest in Bryce Canyon. The rocks in Bryce Canyon are about 100 million years younger than those in Zion National Park and those in Rabbit with about 100 million years younger than those in the Grand Canyon.

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