Visit and enjoy the Brazil tourist attractions

Brazil tourist attractions are the largest of the attractions in South America, offering amazing attractions for tourists visiting the country. ¾ of the population lives in cities, most of them are located along the coast. The most famous cities are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

There is no way to visit Rio de Janeiro and don’t see the most famous attraction, the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado Mountain. It was constructed from 710 meters, made entirely of concrete and soapstone.

Another remarkable Brazil tourist attraction is the Manaus region, located in the center of the Amazon jungle. The Amazon is also called the lungs of the Earth and it has the greatest variety of flora and fauna.

Tour operators offer tours with a boat because walk is almost impossible with the dense jungles. We recommend using a tour guide because the Forest is very dangerous even for people that know the area. The most interesting Brazil tourist attraction for football fans in Brazil is the Maracana Stadium. It is the largest stadium in the world, because there are 180,000 seats. It was built for FIFA World Cup in 1950. Bookmark and Share

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Iguassu falls in Brazil
night in Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian canyon
Brazil Caracol waterfall
Brazilian Fernando de Noronha
Ilha Grande beautiful beaches
Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro
beach in Rio de Janeiro
Vitoria Regia lake
Fernando de Noronha pool

Guide to Brazil tourist attractions


In all the beaches Brazilians practiced sports, but avoid the ones closest to the center because they are very dirty. Opportunities for tourism in Brazil are many, ranging from the beautiful beaches to the Amazon jungle.

Since Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the perfect destination for tourists from Europe and North America during the winter months, especially during Carnival. These carnivals are very similar to festivals in Argentina in neighboring Brazil side. It lasts four days, but Samba schools prepare the costumes and the “cars” for a whole year. One of the biggest natural attractions is the Iguaçu waterfalls, located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. They are 80 meters high and stretch for 3 km in length. Brazil also has a few islands in the Atlantic Ocean and they have an exceptional natural beauty.

Another interesting Brazil tourist attractions worth visiting is Amazon. Vast in their dimensions, with the greatest variety of flora and fauna, with over 1,000 tributaries. It is also called the lungs of the Earth, because it provides much-needed oxygen.

The most popular is the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, which is located 350 kilometers from the mainland. All year round, weather conditions are perfect for visiting the islands and diving.

Fernando de Noronha requirements do not allow more than 420 visitors at a time, so better plan the trip in advance. The closest city from the Archipelago is Natal. It’s worth it to reserve a hotel on Expedia to get good deals and stay a few days in Natal also.

And one last advice, Brazil is a dangerous place in some parts so be alert with your luggage and valuables, especially if you are visiting the big crowded beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

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