Unforgettable moments among the attractions in Borneo

Probably many of you who were lucky enough to tour the world would you say that the attractions in Borneo are one of the most incredible. Borneo is the only island on Earth whose territory is divided into three countries and their most interesting places to visit: attractions in Malaysia, attractions in Indonesia and a small country Brunei. Borneo is the third in size in the world, it stretches 743 330 km ².

Overall Malay Archipelago is very exotic, full of diverse flora and fauna. Geographically the island of Borneo is located in Southeast Asia on the very equator. In the past it was a Dutch colony, later British and Japanese colony.

South China Sea washes the northern shores of the island and the Sulu Sea in the east. Mount Kinabalu, which is located in Malaysia's highest point with a height of 4095 m This means that Borneo is the third highest island in the world.

If you look closely at the map of the island you will notice that the northeast is mountainous (Shvaner array) with an average altitude of between 1,000 and 2,000 meters. The southern part is flat, covered with rainforests and many deep rivers. Bookmark and Share

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Historical and cultural attractions in Borneo

For nature lovers Borneo is a true paradise. There is a huge biological diversity: in recent years, scientists have discovered 1,500 new species of birds, 52 species of plants and 30 species of fish.

This is the most diverse island in the world are found here at large elephants, rhinos, a large number of reptiles, carnivorous plants and insects. The island's population is colored. About 9 million people are divided into more than 300 ethnic groups.

Flora and fauna are the attractions in Borneo

Religions here too much, more than half of the population are animists, ie follow the customs of dedide, and a quarter are Muslims. Numerous tourists visit the island of Borneo, mainly because of its unique nature, crystal clear water and beautiful beaches.

Among the attractions in Borneo are: the ability to track the lives of the local people - customs and culture. The climate is tropical, humid, which to some extent prevents the tourist season, even resorts to operate year round. Avoid visiting during the rainy months of May and October.

As the population is very diverse you to visit interesting local festivals and carnivals. For example, in the state of Sabah has a well developed market (street) trade. Here you can buy souvenirs and sample the culinary magic of the Far East. In the state of Sarawak is famous for its cultural and historical attractions. Saved quite buildings of the colonial period, and Islamic mosques, China attractions - temples and churches.

Attractions in Borneo offer curious tourists the opportunity to explore the island and at the same time have fun among diverse forms of life. Borneo Island is called "clouds" because of the unique natural landscapes, beautiful beaches for a family holiday and rich cultural heritage. Come and enjoy the island of Borneo - will be very pleased.

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