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Attractions in Bora Bora peace and romantic of the Pacific

Attractions in Bora Bora are known worldwide and there is no one who loves traveling not dream of one day to visit this wonderful island.

The small island in the Pacific, but very popular with rich tourists Bora Bora. The island is part of the Society Islands of nature of French Polynesia. Beauty and exotic Bora Bora comes from its interesting location. The main island stands in the middle and around it there is a beautiful lagoon, which protects it from the impulse of the waves of the Pacific.

For this reason the entire island was turned into a large recreation area. The population of Bora Bora is mainly engaged in fishing and tourism, the last census showed 8800 inhabitants. They are mostly Polynesians arrived on the island in the 4th century, and French settlers, Americans remained after the Second World War and Europeans.

The area of ​​Bora Bora is only 29 sq km, and the highest point overgrown with lush equatorial vegetation rises 727 meters. These are top of the extinct volcano Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu.

The first over-water bungalows built 30 years ago, which gave rise to most hotels in the lagoon of Bora Bora to follow this approach to construction. Bookmark and Share

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No telephone and internet at Bora Bora

Actually it is the emblem of the island of Bora Bora in the world. In each bungalow has all the amenities for discerning travelers, most major attractions in Bora Bora is water. Underwater fishing and sailing sports are among the leading attractions.

The best way to explore istrova to rent a bicycle or motorbike (scooter) and bypass time doing a full panoramic tour of Bora Bora. In his spare time when you're at the beach there are several attractions in Bora Bora, you should not miss. First visit pagan Polynesian temples called "Mara".

Here you will find out a little about the religion of the local people and see different funeral rites in temples Aehua-Tai, Maratetini and Taharuu.

Attractions in Bora Bora paradise in the Pacific Ocean

In the latter s temple Taharuu buried royal family and prominent inhabitants of the island. Another attraction in Bora Bora is an outdoor aquarium "Lagunarium" where you can swim with its marine life, of course, accompanied by an experienced guide.

Around the island there is a wide variety of sea creatures and over 500 different species, except spearfishing there are places where food can dolphins, sharks and stingrays.

Furthermore, another attraction in Bora Bora is a 20 minute walk to the helicopter in which you can make panoramic images from above.

Do not miss the traditional relaxing massages that are very similar to Thai massage. Given the desire on your part, visit one of the smaller islands near Bora Bora only 40 km away Maupiti.

The most favorable time to visit the attractions in Bora Bora is from May to October. Interestingly, Bora Bora advanced technology such as the Internet and phones are rare, which is a real blessing to spend a quiet and relaxing romantic break.

Island is very remote, but well worth a visit, unfortunately it's very expensive and available only for the rich tourists.

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