Attractions in Bhutan, a little known country for tourists

Attractions in Bhutan are it's mountains in Asia next to China and India, quite unknown to mass tourism. Overall, the country is not very open to tourists, although there are some interesting sights. As the main attractions in Bhutan are its Buddhist monasteries and the beautiful mountain scenery. Perhaps this is one reason why Bhutan twenty happiest countries in the world (at least not study).

Local culture and traditions do not differ much from those of China attractions and palaces in India, and every meal goes by without a table to attend of rice.

To view attractions in Bhutan to prepare at least $ 200 a day - rather expensive compared to other countries. The main places that tourists prefer to visit are Bumthang Dzongkhag - the last bastion of Tibetan lifestyle and of course the great kingdom of the Himalayas. For tourists who prefer hiking can offer march through the valley Phobjika Valley or Trashigang - idobno place of worship in East Bhutan. Bookmark and Share

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Most popular attractions in Bhutan

It is also called the Palace of ultimate bliss, though in recent decades has been rebuilt several times due to natural disasters destroyed part of the building. You will be amazed at the complexity of architecture inside the palace and especially in Buddhist towers of this fortress. The palace has beautiful large Buddha statues, and many dragons painted on the ceilings. Do not miss the Palace Punakha Dzong, which is involved in many historical events in Bhutan.

To enter the temple must remove your shoes, you're not in shorts and pictures is prohibited. Another spectacular attractions in Bhutan is the monastery Taktsang.

It originates from here Buddhism in Bhutan. The beauty of the monastery comes from its location because it is like a bird perched on the rocks at 1000 meters above the Paro valley. The climb to Taktsang monastery is difficult and lengthy.

On the trail you will see many strange stones, prayer wheels and prayer flags which are a sure sign that the path we walk is correct. I arrived in Taktsang unless you will be tired, you will feel the amazing beauty and tranquility of the monastery, which will make you feel relaxed. Another interesting attractions in Bhutan is nature.

Mountain areas offer mountain bike fans quite extreme experiences. Altitude road reaches 3600 m and temperatures are very low. Most routes go through and pass Pelela Yotola, the duration is between 10 to 18 days, depending on road and physical fitness of the participants. The best place for 360 degree panoramic photos of the Himalayas is the passage Dochula - especially in winter.

Additionally you can enjoy 108 specially stupa built by the eldest Queen mother, Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk. During the summer months this attractions in Bhutan is visited regularly by the Bhutanese families for beautiful scenery and tea.

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