The most beautiful beaches of Fiji

The best beaches of Fiji are home to the most visited hotels of tourists. Most of the beaches can see them on postcards or ads on television. No doubt Fiji will leave lasting memories in your mind if you visit this wonderful place in the Pacific. Whether you are staying on the main island of Viti Levu or some of the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands will feel the soft white sand and warm clear water of the Pacific. For wealthy tourists walking between islands quickly and easily by helicopter.

Let us remember that distances between island groups are great. With more time you can sail a yacht or speedboat, which would be good for a romantic outing. Indeed, in this article we will write about the best beaches in Fiji, worth to see and make your choice for a holiday. Heaven beach on the island of Yasawa, several secluded places for a limited number of tourists, fine white sand and many palm trees. For 2010 this place enter into ranking for the best beach in the world. Bookmark and Share

Beaches of Fiji photogallery

Top 10 beaches of Fiji

Vomo Island, a small island west of Viti Levu with ideal conditions for snorkelling at each tide. Until this island has a small deserted island of Vomo Lailai. Castaway Island, offers excellent facilities for a family holiday.

Coral reefs around the island are ideal for diving and sightseeing tour and fishing are the usual services offered by catamaran or motor yacht. Malolo Island offers very good conditions for diving in the warm waters of the Pacific. For lazy travelers there is a hammock, which is always a complex between two palm trees in the shade. They are actually two places for recreation and tourism - Likuliku Lagoon Resort and Malolo Island Resort.

Tokoriki Island, a small island with a beautiful lagoon and coral reefs on the west side. There is also kayaking, snorkeling and paddleboard. Photographers can add beautiful sunsets and white sand. Monuriki Island, a deserted island, but very famous place from the movie with Tom Hanks "Castaway".

Can be reached by boat or jet from neighboring resorts and make a nice picnic on the palm beach. The site is emblematic of the film you can even see the cave and go to the highest point of Tokoriki where to make panoramic pictures of the neighboring islands. Along the coast of Viti Levu has many beautiful beaches, such as Natadola Bay, Malomalo, Sanasana and others.

The conditions for rest are better than the islands, which we wrote at the beginning of this article, but here there is no romance and seclusion. However, it is possible to play golf. The last island, which will stop your attention is Qamea island. The place is suitable for romantic honeymoon couples.

Moreover, there are countless opportunities for water sports, reefs, lagoons and picturesque palms. This list of the best beaches of Fiji is indicative and may be supplemented by you bloggers. If you need inspiration, please contact us.

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