Visit the unique pink Bermuda Beaches

Bermuda Beaches have a volcanic origin, as some scientists likened them to the atolls.

Around these islands there are over 150 coral reefs that protect Bermuda beaches from the turbulent waves of the Atlantic. As the oldest colony of England, Bermuda have retained many of the customs of the colonists. Since the main attraction of archipelago have their pink Bermuda beaches, we offer a list that will facilitate your choice.

As you know, most hotels have built their private beaches that are only used by visitors to each hotel. Although small in size, there are at most golf courses per capita. Today the islands are famous for its pink Bermuda beaches clean and super luxury hotels.

Although in recent years, the crisis has affected tourism in the region, the main home remains Americans (70%).Lush tropical vegetation of Bermuda is the perfect place for your Bermuda vacation. Bermuda's largest island, there is also the capital Hamilton. Quality of life of these Bermuda islands is very high and if you decide to rest in this paradise on earth is better to do between May and September.

As part of the Landmarks of North America Bermuda remains one of the most sought after destinations. Elbow Beach : one of the most popular beaches in Bermuda with pale pink sand almost one mile long. Bookmark and Share

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Top 5 Bermuda Beaches

It is protected by coral reefs around its perimeter and is the safest beach for swimming.

Warwick Long Bay : Favorable for snorkeling because the beach is close to the coral reef. The beach is very small, windy and covered with low bushes and grass.

Horseshoe Bay: The beach is the best for a family vacation because there specially appointed savior during May to September. There are also a lot of water water sports facilities that are rented.

John Smith Bay: The only public beach in Bermuda, which is quite large and wide. Characteristic of this beach is very fine pink sand and facilities as toilets and changing rooms plus a shower for cooling off.

This is due to the fact that the U.S. is closest. As for the Bermuda beaches pink sands along the entire coastline, scientists have found that this is due to pink tiny organisms that are extinct in the distant past.

There are tourists who visit the islands each year, attracted by good food (mostly fish delicacies and sweet potatoes) and the romantic atmosphere of Bermuda vacation.

Where are the best Bermuda Beaches

Bermuda relied most highly developed tourism.

Construction of small ships and yachts as financial work are other important sectors of economy. Bermuda dollar is the official currency.

Bermuda are yuridiktsiyata the UK and therefore the standard of living is very high. Excellent infrastructure, large luxury houses, expensive yachts and the latest car models, which run on the streets are the norm for Bermuda. People seem relaxed and carefree. There are few places on Earth that e apredlagat combination of warm climate, beautiful scenery and quality of life.

Then the climate is most favorable. According to a ranking Bermuda rank tenth in attractiveness and romance among the islands on Earth.

First is the island of Bali, and the second Hawaii. For more tourist attractions click here ...

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