The best attractions in Bergen Norway

I share my photos from Bergen Norway and the Norwegian fjords. They have been made at Naeroyfjord, Sognefjord and Hardangefjord. In my opinion, the most beautiful is Naeroyfjord. And the double waterfall is called Voringsfossen and it is very spectacular.

Located near Hardangefjord. I froze while shooting these fjords, but it was worth it. Not only in the distant past, but now Bergen is the most important northern shopping center on the seafront. From here, ships loaded with fish and grain departed in all directions of the world. Today we will have a walk along the coastal Hanseatic street. Bookmark and Share

Bergen Norway photogallery

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The best experience in Bergen Norway

A worthy place on the list of UNESCO cultural monuments is Brugen - the neighborhood of the Hanseatic traders whose wooden houses, painted in bright colors, now serve as souvenir shops, artisanal studios, even nightclubs! At the end of the street is the oldest building in Bergen - the Bergenhus stone fortress with the Hakon Hall and the Rosenkrantz Tower.

Possibility to visit the Hansa Museum. You will also see the Church of the Holy Virgin, as well as the largest fish market in Norway. We head to the village of Goodwangen, nestled at the very end of Neroifjord - the narrowest sleeve of Sognefjord. Here begins an exciting ferry trip along the narrowest sleeves of the longest and deepest fjord in Norway - Sognefjord.

This two-hour cruise offers breathtaking views - majestic mountain ranges and steep green slopes that seem to pop up from the water's surface. The journey undoubtedly becomes one of the unforgettable moments in the life of every visitor to the fjord. The ship docks in the area in the village of Flam.

Unforgettable moments in the land of the fjords continue with a memorable trip by one of the most beautiful railways in Europe / at extra cost /. The Flemish Rail takes its passengers to some of the most beautiful places in Norway. Magnificent waterfalls, stormy mountain rivers, snow-capped peaks and deep cliffs are just some of the breathtaking views along which the route passes.

After returning to Flam, continue to Fjord, located on one of the sleeves of the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. There is much more to visit in Norway landmarks, this northern country so we hope to come here again and continue our journey. Until then, we will raise money, because it is very expensive here, even for the average European.

In fact, if you have relatives or friends where to stay during the holidays will come very cheap and you need money for airfare and food. The best time to do this is during the summer months, because it is very cold and humid here because of the ocean and the sea currents.

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