Belize tourism and the most attractive places for water sports

Frozen volcanoes, vast beaches, dense jungles and mountains, wrapped in a labyrinth of rivers, waterfalls and caves, this is a characteristic for Belize tourism.

Central America is fascinating for its magnificent natural and archeological treasures, ancient history and amazing cultural heritage.

It is a geographical region, standing between Landmarks of North America and South America. Most of Belize tourism its land, which has an area of 592,000 sq km. is located on the Caribbean plate and has witnessed strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Belize Tourism Caracol - ancient Mayan city whose ruins speak of a very advanced civilization at that time. During the classic period of Mayan Caracol was the most important political and commercial center of the valley of Belize.

Belize tourism - Barrier Reef. In Central America, popular spot is scuba diving. More than 130,000 people every year come to Belize exactly because of this highly attractive tourist attraction.

North of Central America bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the northeast by the Caribbean Sea, a the southwest Pacific. Bookmark and Share

Top 10 Belize tourism photo gallery

Belize bay
Blue Hole in Belize
ocean tide in Belize
Belize tourism Goffs Caye
Belize little island whit palms
Belize island atractions
Belize beautiful landscape
Belize beache
Belize old monument
old monument in Belize

Belize tourism and fairy beautiful coast of Belize

It extends from the isthmus Teuantepek in Mexico to Isthmus of Panama to the southeast, which passes in the Colombian Pacific Valley in northwestern attractions in South America.

Central America includes the countries of Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras.

Advantages of Belize tourism

Belize is one of the most fascinating countries in Central America. Land with divine beauty and plenty of magnificent beaches, national parks, lush jungles and incredible mountains.

Among the biggest Belize tourism attractions are unique archaeological excavations, guided us far into the ancient of Mayan civilization.

In Belize is one of the most attractive places for lovers of water sports and diving.

Her enchanting coast is the second largest in the world natural system of coral reefs that amaze with indescribable beauty and colorful palette of over 1,500 species of tropical fish.

Although most sparsely populated country in Central America, Belize tourism is a fascinating mix of amazing different cultures, ethnicities and languages. Throughout the country, living descendants of Mayan, African slaves and European settlers, and this gives it a unique atmosphere.

Locals are warm and hospitable people, which in combination with other natural resources of the country, Belize tourism became one of the most exciting travel destinations.

In the western part of the countryis main Belize tourism that is Xunantunich. An ancient Mayan monument, where they are made ‚Äč‚Äčtheir sacrifices. Belize Tourism will show the biggest attraction Temple of the jaguar, Lamanai. Lamanai is a large complex that lived hundreds of people. Here are found many copper objects showing the culture and lifestyle of the Mayan.

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