Natural and historic landmarks in Belarus

In the northeastern parts of Europe there are many interesting landmarks in Belarus. The country still has not given up on Russian management model and has many minerals. 40% of the territory of Belarus is covered with dense deciduous and coniferous forests.

Because the country is landlocked and is completely flat (no mountains), no significant interest by Western tourists. However, there are enough landmarks in Belarus, which is worth a visit.

For example, in the capital Minsk you can see 16 major museums, including the National Museum of Art or a production of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

In summer you can relax around the lake to cool Braslav. It is located in the national park in the northern part of Belarus.

The whole area of the park is covered with about 260 lakes, the largest are Strusto, Drivyaty, Snudy, Nespish, Nedrovo and Boguinskoye Voiso.Bookmark and Share

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The most beautiful landmarks in Belarus

Of course you can not explore them all because they are a protected territory. Another protected area is the National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Located in the western part of Belarus, a large area of the reserve is in Poland.

Access to tourists is limited in the park, but there are specially built trails for wildlife viewing in the park. Cultural and historical monuments in Belarus may stop the castle Mir.

The castle was built by the wealthy barons and the site of the village, which is often attacked by the Crusaders.

Most visited landmarks in Belarus

The walls of the fort are two meters thick and in the four corners there are high towers. Currently part of this building was turned into a museum where you can see interesting objects and read important facts about this castle. Another iconic landmark in Belarus Brest Fortress.

This leads first battle between Nazi Germany and Russia. Unfortunately, very small part of the fortress is preserved because the Germans destroy it during the numerous attacks during World War II.

Nesvizh Castle is an outstanding masterpiece of architectural art in Belarus very well preserved and restored in the form of 13 century. Castle Nesvizh serves to break the rich and noble families over the centuries.

One of the attractions of the capital Minsk is the Roman Catholic Church of St Simon and Helen. It was built in 1905 at the request of 2000 Catholics who donate part of the funds for construction.

During the German occupation the church was cinema. In 1990 it was restored and returned to worship.

The most famous landmarks in Belarus can add Gorky Park Zoo in Minsk, the cathedral Saint Virgin Mary and many others.

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