10 Beautiful sights in Locarno

Beautiful sights in Locarno an Italian speaking resort in southern Switzerland. It lies on Lake Maggiore at the foot of the Alps and is known for its sunny climate. In the old town is the Castello Visconteo, founded in the 12th century, with the Museo Civico, a city history museum with Roman finds.

The pilgrimage church of Madonna del Sasso, built in the 15th century, with many works of art, of which are the most beautiful photos in this article. The city of Locarno is a tourist, resort town with typical Italian architecture, located at the mouth of the river Maja. This is due to the proximity of Italy only 20 km and Lake Maggiore.

The name of the city can be translated as "place on the lake".

In addition, we can write about the fact that Locarno is a spa resort. But its true glory dates back to the end of the First World War. Here is the peace conference in which the peace treaty was signed in 1925. Bookmark and Share

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What are the beautiful sights in Locarno

Currently, the Swiss city hosts: an international film festival, a jazz festival, a world music festival, etc. cafes and restaurants are full all year round.

Italian is heard everywhere, and in the summer many famous movie stars and music singers come here on holiday. In general, the city of Locarno has been turned into a pedestrian city, the center of which is Piazza Grande.

Here are the most beautiful colorful houses turned into museums and restaurants. From here all tourist tours start. Another famous square is Piazza San Antonio and the great baroque church.

Visit the Municipal Gallery of Casa Ruska and see the wood carvings, engravings and paintings of famous Italian and Swiss masters. The first tourist attraction in Locarno is the castle of Visconti.

Visitors can see the places built in the XIII century and XV century. The powerful Visconti family lived here at that time. The other landmark is the church of Madonna del Sasso. It can be seen from all parts of the city. Take the gondola lift to Colmaniccio at an altitude of 945 meters.

In clear weather you can take quality panoramic photos of both Lake Maggiore and the entire city of Locarno. If you have more free time we can offer you several options for trips to nearby places.

One option is to travel to South Tyrol and take a walk in the mountains. For the lazier option is a trip to Geneva and Lausanne, where you will indulge in shopping and a pleasant holiday on Lake Geneva.

Whichever route you choose, you will spend unforgettable moments in Old Lucerne Switzerland, Italy or France, as long as you have the time and money.

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