Beautiful architecture of Santorini island

Beautiful Santorini in Aegean Sea, Greek Aegean island of volcanic origin. A popular tourist destination during the summer months with the main attraction caldera erupted 3400 years ago a volcano. Santorini is a combination of Greek tradition and culture blended with modern luxury of the rich Europeans. Typical of this paradise are whitewashed houses, which are located on top of the cliffs and below the waves break on the Aegean Sea. The contrast between the white buildings and blue sea is clearly visible, which gives the appearance of islands - easy recognition all the photos.

Over 30 types of grapes are grown in the interior of the island, which local people prepared a wonderful white wine. It is worth at least try it and judge its taste. Romantic views of the sea are a favorite place for the conclusion of weddings and wedding trips. Volcanoes Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni in the top rankings of the most visited places by tourists in Greece. Bookmark and Share

Santorini island photogallery

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Natural attractions of Santorini

Around two million tourists every year come to the island of Santorini, including cruises largest travel companies in the Aegean Sea. Even not believe how Greece such gomyam outcrop has managed to make it a leading tourist attraction.

If you like beaches of Greeece and want to swim in the warm water of the Aegean offer the southeast of the main island with the most famous resorts Kamari, Perisa and Perivolos. The sand is dark in color ranging from fine to coarse. Beach for tourists is relatively narrow but well maintained by the hotels.

From the historical sights of Santorini offer visit the monastery Profitis Ilia only at designated hours and visit the ruins of the Venetian fortress Kasteli. You will notice also narrow stone streets intertwined like a maze from which it is difficult to navigate. Joy Santorini is small enough and there is no such danger.

The capital Fira is not a big city and building houses and small hotels that are very similar are built stepwise. Here you can shop the small shops and eat in small places for eating and bakeries. In summer you can hear the typical noise of powerful jets and feel in the air the scent of sunscreen.

Another interesting landmark excavations of ancient Akrotiri. Located in the southern part of the main island. There is a large exhibition of paintings and objects with a history of over 3000 years of a vanished civilization buried by the eruption of the volcano. At the opposite end is the small town of Oia.

It's nice to get lost for a day at this beautiful place. Another place that we recommend is Kamari. Coastal town with charm and fascination for artists with smiling faces, the music, the light and the people who make merry until dawn. There are many places that you can visit in Santorini for a summer vacation and most fighting back, each of you will want once more to come to this paradise.

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