The most important attractions in Mindoro

Beautiful places to visit in Mindoro, the seventh largest Philippine island. It belongs to the island group Luzon - the most important in political and economic terms for the Philippines.

The Mindoro coast is washed by the Pacific waters. The main way to feed the local population is to grow tropical fruits and rice. The island is divided into two provinces in the middle of the last century - the Occidental and the Oriental.

In the west is the most famous and beautiful beach on the island - Puerto Galera and of course the most popular beach of the tourists. Beast waters and beautiful underwater life are a source of snorkeling even more so that the island is comparatively inexpensive compared to other popular tropical destinations in the Philippines.

This coastal area offers tourists the most varied coral reefs in Asia, but do not forget that it is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. In recent years, marine attractions in Mindoro have brought more revenue and this has led to a reduction in the number of fishermen.

If you still have more time and money, I recommend visiting the largest island of the Philippine archipelago, landmarks in Luson island and the capital Manila. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Mindoro

In addition, Puerto Galera is included in the list of "The Clubs of the Most Beautiful Bays in the Philippines".

Among the beaches in Puerto Galera are Sabang Beach and White Beach, which boast many bars and restaurants. The largest city of Mindoro is Kalaban, located in the eastern province. Another nice beach you should not miss is Calapan and San Jose.

Mindoro has a representative of the endemic fauna - the dwarf buffalo Tamarau. As a whole, the flora and fauna of the Philippines are threatened with extinction, as reported by the government some years ago.

The Philippines has 14,000 plant and 1137 animal representatives. Tamaraw Falls, this is the most amazing place on the island of Mindoro. Easily accessible if you are walking along the narrow national road.

It is good to know that you can not climb to the beginning of the waterfall, but there is an allowed place for bathing, pizza and barbecue. Snacks, clothes, beverages and tourist products are also sold.

They inform, but are incapable of truly describing the beauty of a place like Mindoro. The peace, quietness and friendliness of the locals are a small part of the reasons that attract people from all over the world.

But not just for a week's rest, but forever. Imagine a tent on the white sands of Puerto Galera. Imagine that you do not need internet, telephone and electrical appliances, and the stars and the sun will be your lighting fixtures.

This is how Mindoro describes the lucky ones who were fortunate enough to fly thousands of miles to touch this short land of Philippine paradise.

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