The most important pictures on Coron Island

Beautiful pictures on Coron Island can do if you choose the Philippines tourist journey. Coron Island is the third largest island in the group of islands Calamian. Located northeast of the island of Palawan in the Philippines.

If you choose this exciting destination awaits you unforgettable adventure and the many pleasant moments in nature. Best tour on the island of Coron can become a boat and an experienced guide. Most of these ships are designed and built in a traditional Filipino style.

The interior of the island is untouched and impassable, covered with evergreen forest. There are eleven lakes that are shallow and clean, ideal for swimming. Bookmark and Share

Pictures on Coron Island photogallery

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Natural attractions on Coron Island

Most accessible to tourists lakes: Lake Kayangan Lake and Barracuda. They are not asking special permission to visit. In the past there lived tribes Magbanua.

The interesting thing here is that freshwater lakes are surrounded by cliffs, which have grown trees. The transition between the Lakes is a difficult and often need to walk on wooden stairs. Most tourists arrive in Busanga and settled in Sea Dive Resort in Coron town as a starting point.

The largest lake Cabugao is a special mode and is difficult to take a license. On the island of Coron there are not many animals, at least I did not see any except a few pet monkey tied with a leash. Another interesting thing that I noticed is water bars that swim along with benches for seating.

If you wish visitors to the island can rent a kayak, which freely move in a certain lake. The coast of the island of Coron is quite steep. There are small beaches in several places, and housing for the local population because of high tides. Such beaches Banul Beach, which lies to the north, Calachuchi Beach and others. The water everywhere is crystal clear that predisposes snorkeling.

There are many underwater caves in the region are not deep. A relatively safe water and lack of sharks and other marine predators because of the shallow water. Prices in nearby hotels are low and the food offered is extremely tasty seafood. Asian cuisine is most advocated, but there are local specialties, which you should not miss.

A better option is to visit the largest island of Busuanga, with more opportunities for a good family vacation at the Philippine archipelago. To the southeast is the largest island of Palawan who will write further in a subsequent article.

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