Beautiful pictures of Trang An complex

Beautiful pictures of Trang An that few people can take in this fabulous place. Our next stop is Tam Kok village, located in Ning Bin province. We traveled about 5 hours from Kat Ba Island by bus and ferry.

The trip was absolutely interesting and somehow crazy to see everyone ride the highway ... And even after 2 weeks in Vietnam, the whole road system is still magical to me! We arrived at Tam Coc Homestay where we would spend 4 days. The whole Ning Bin province is extremely picturesque and not yet full of tourist spots.

And if you rent a scooter and explore the region yourself, you will be able to find the true authentic Vietnam! On the first and second day, I explored the region with food / bicycle / boat. On the third and fourth days, we rented a scooter and went further afield. Let's be honest with you - I've seen many different types of nature, but the natural beauty and uniqueness of Ning Bin each time the fog decides to leave in a minute or two. On the first morning, I decided to take a boat ride through the Trang An Landscape Complex. Bookmark and Share

Trang An 1
Trang An 2
Trang An 3
Trang An 4
Trang An 5

What can you see of Trang An complex

Trang An 6
Trang An 7
Trang An 8
Trang An 9
Trang An 10
Trang An 11
Trang An 12
Trang An 13
Trang An 14
Trang An 15

Boating is a great way to admire the limestone mountains, grow over the river, numerous rice fields, many bird species and plants that are unfamiliar to me ...

The best time to go is early in the morning when the river is still not crowded with boats! I do not like the Chinese tourists who ruin everything with their number.

Even talking and annoying me. But back to our beautiful destination Trang An. Vietnam is a very different country and at times you don't know where you are. Visiting the Trang An Complex was definitely a good decision from my stay in this Asian country.

Why did I choose to visit Trang An

There are several reasons, but the main is the proximity to the capital Hanoi.

  • It's close to Ning Bin Park
  • I had heard from a friend
  • The sea is near
  • People are very friendly
  • The location is near the Red River

The trip is really worth it, and the $ 20 fare is emblematic of such a beautiful place. You can also be convinced by the pictures I posted to the article. The canal that our boat runs through is shallow and can be seen to the left and right of the rice plantations.

We were in the season of sowing rice, and it was very interesting for me to see live how this was done. Further inland, the river narrows and passes through low limestone cliffs covered with lush vegetation.

We passed through many water caves, or rather under the rocks with low arches. Nature is very inspiring for travelers, the villages are very tidy, even though people are poor. This one-day trip to the Trang An Complex is a very good hit for our family. A combination of beautiful nature and a bit of history.

It is good to combine the attractions. I mean alternating one day at the beach and relaxing under the shade of the trees, then an excursion like this, then visiting historic sites. And so until the end of the meracles of Vietnam.

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