10 most beautiful pictures from Mauritius

Beautiful pictures from Mauritius a real paradise, and it is on Earth. The climate is warm and pleasant, the exotics of the air in the air, the blue lagoons attract everyone in need of coolness, and the delicious fruits such as pineapples, bananas, mango and papaya are in the daily menu.

Mauritius is an island state in the Southwest Indian Ocean, about 900km east of Madagascar. The capital is Port Louis, and the languages you can speak and understand are English, French, and Creole if you studied it at school. The island group in the region is of volcanic origin, which also determines the interesting nature of Mauritius - the southern part is mountainous, the central part is plateaus, and in the north are the coastal lowlands.

The island is ideal for couples and honeymooners who will enjoy the tranquility, exotics and intimacy of Mauritius. And those looking for extreme experiences can combine their sailing trip to South Africa. Water sports, fishing and golf are also not to be ignored. The coastline is 177 km and every corner of it is beautiful with its white and soft sands.

The most popular beaches in the south are Souillac, Le Gris-Gris and Le Morne. More to the south are two of the attractions of Mauritius island - the Rochester Falls and the Colorful Valley. Coral reefs in this part of the world are more accessible. They are right in front of you and you can easily admire their unique beauty. Bookmark and Share


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The best pictures from Mauritius

The island offers luxury, entertainment, exotics and nature that you can not forget if you once touched it. Nightlife and casinos will satisfy every taste, but you should know that although it is a tourist destination, the most popular exit days are Friday and Saturday.

For those who like to eat, there is a choice of local specialties, French, Creole, Indian or Chinese cuisine, and the restaurants are from small and pretty places to luxurious and huge venues. In both cases you will be fascinated. Every second on Mauritius makes you think again and again about Mark Twain's words, and local people do not miss you constantly reminding you that you are in paradise. Already at the airport you are welcomed with a sign "Welcome to Paradise". Well, who would like to leave from there?

The island is surrounded by a reef that protects the beaches from the invasion of sharks and other "terrible fish". The island itself has drinking water - rivers, waterfalls ... Summer is 9 months, and winter starts in June and the coldest is in August when temperatures can drop to 15 degrees but ... at night. It is frequent, but in no more than an hour, and at the same time I do not have to specify that the temperature is not changing at all.

There are no poisonous nails on the island - snakes, spiders, lizards. Well, there are some such little lizards who enter the rooms, but it is to frighten the mosquitoes:) And, we had previously told us that there are a lot of mosquitoes - and so a mosquito did not bite me.

I guess the area of the hotel and the bay itself was splashing with something, but mosquitoes were not where we went ... And naturally in this climate is growing and growing everything, but literally everything: from conifers, along with palm trees, papaya , guava, maracuch, tamarin, lower pineapples, and one of the kind of zucchini.

The main livelihood of the island is clear: tourism and cane. I was very surprised when the guide told us that Mauritius is the second in the world after Cuba a sugar exporter. As far as tourism is concerned - about 1 000 000 tourists per year visit the island, it is logical for 1,200,000 people to be enough for livelihood.

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