The best pictures from Martinique

Beautiful pictures from Martinique this is the idea of this short article. For starters welcome to Martinique Caribbean. Divine little known for tourists place on Earth. We land at the airport, rent a rental car and start tours from the south to the north. I have no words to describe the scenery of mountain relief, splendid panoramic views, transparent waters, jungle, volcanoes, manglers, trekking, sheltered beaches to which few people walk. Many marijuana, safari and hippies.

Wherever we go we are at home. I'm surprised, I confess. This place has gathered in me all my dreams. We start looking at property prices. It's a joke, but it really is amazing here. Whatever I say about Martinique will be a little bit. An island gathered all the tourist's needs. Beginning with white, yellow, black beaches, go through sheltered rocks, transparent sea basins, paradise diving, snorkel snorkeling, wild jungle, insane treks on this island, waterfalls on every slope, volcano craters on which we climbed, to get to the bottom of your downhill.

Caves and greenery in virgin nature, perfect temperatures for rest, normal humidity, polite population etc. This island in the full sense is a total dream. And the lack of crowds of tourists makes it a desirable place for everyone. Exclusive tourism is not everybody's pocket, but as you know, we are adaptable. Everyone can experience the island without any problem. Tent and sleep on which beach you want. Gratias bathrooms you have everywhere. Prices in supermarkets are quite high, but not fatally high. Bookmark and Share

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The best panoramic pictures from Martinique

Car rental per day is $ 12. Gasoline has a fixed price of 1.38 euros for the whole island. The autoproject is seamless. People are helpful and there are often people who are riding a hitchhike. Security in the country is high. Police anywhere. Wages like in France.

The population is 95% black, with a high standard of living. One example: we only meet new and expensive cars for a week. Every resident has a car and the congestion is big. This is the only minus of this paradise where we fell in love. For a thorough look at the island of Martinique, you need at least a week. However, if you are a fan of tracks, here you can stay a year. Definitely the French know where to colonize.

After pampering on the pristine beaches, we headed to conquer the Pelee volcano, the highest part of the island. Thracian is very difficult. It's secure in places. There are 2 vertical rocky stretches that require a lot of physical endurance and a desire to walk. After 2 unsuccessful attempts, due to dense fog we decided to try out on a clear day.

When weather is bad I do not recommend it at all. First because of slippery terrain and second because of lack of visibility. This is the point from which a 360 degree view of the island is revealed. And I have to tell you it's a foolish glamor. The crawl is vertically up and in places on four legs.

To reach the caldera it takes about 2 hours. From there, you have 2 options: Drop into the crater and climb on the other side or rotate it in diameter. Both are incredibly beautiful due to the views. Lowering kills your knees, and you are on the edge of the hill. The moment the clouds rise, you find yourself in some green precipice with vertical jungles on the hills.

The perfect time to be at the top is 11 to 14 hours. Then the mists fall low and it makes sense for everything. The view from above is insanely beautiful. You are awarded something that you can not otherwise see except climbing.

Absolute orgasm for the senses and the body. I recommend 200% this island. Check out beautiful photos from Martinique and you'll fall in love with this fabulous place. You breathe in the fresh air of the Caribbean, lie on deserted beaches of volcanic sand, dive into the transparent warm water. Additional options are surfing, diving sleeping under the stars and living like a hippie.

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