The most important panoramic photos of Madeira

Beautiful panoramic photos of Madeira, this is an evergreen island in the midst of the Atlantic ocean, lined with high, unreachable shores, and mountains of flowers and laurel forests ... Madeira is definitely an island for connoisseurs of beautiful sights and long walks in nature.

Most of the time, Madeira seems to be covered with a cloud of clouds. Time is constantly changing - it's dark now, then it's still for a while. When you climb high in the mountain, you understand the reason. A huge cloud lay on the island, and only the peaks stick out over it.

The tourist infrastructure here is incredible. All along the routes are covered with tiles and tunnels are dug in places where it is difficult to pass, some of them being full kilometers. The fog and the sun sometimes create incredible views. As I have just mentioned, time may change radically. At this height it is quite windy. Beautiful panoramic photos of Madeira can be made by Pico Arieiro.

The wind blows the clouds over the rocky ridge, but it does not completely transfer it. As the sunset approaches, the picture becomes even more exciting. It sounds like something boils and boils, helplessly out of the black rocks. The situation is no different in the morning.

The ocean is flowing with fresh streams like a white river. Even more interesting is when you know there's a whole city under these clouds. Bottom down, urban sounds fill the space, and there is no mention of it. One of Madeira's enjoyable experiences is "Levadia Routes".Bookmark and Share

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Natural panoramic photos of Madeira

Beautiful panoramic photos of Madeira are in the clouds of Curral Das Freiras. These are the artificial channels through which water is transported from the north to the south of the island. Enjoy nature of Madeira, the best vacation in the world. Their construction began at the beginning of the colonization, as the northern part is a water catchment area and the south is dry but better for settlement. The routes to these leavens are dozens and the choice of who you go is not a small one. The most popular ones usually reach a waterfall, which actually falls from a higher leva and takes on another.

When the sky gets brighter, you can see the wooded landscape that resembles a jungle. The tops of the lower parts are rarely seen, but sometimes a similar beauty can be seen for a moment. The mountain itself drifts steeply over the ocean and nowhere has a place for a normal beach.

Even the main town Funchal is built in the foothills of the mountain and its streets are extremely steep. There are no sandy beaches in Madeira. Even where it is possible to get off the coast, only large stones are waiting for you. We return to the woods and take the misty paths.

Here it is called Laurie-silva, because for the most part it is a laurel. The trees are soaked with water because of the constant fog. There is no rain, but the sound of the drops is heard. A few kilometers in another direction the sun shines pleasantly, there is no mist. In the eastern part of the island the coast is narrow, long and extremely steep.

Beautiful panoramic photos of Madeira at Caldeirao Verde. Beneath the beautiful rocks, but it is impossible to get down. Because of the strange weather, sunset is unpredictable. You do not know what to expect, so let's surprise you. It is the same with the sunrise - as it is suddenly suddenly the sky becomes clear. The clouds are blazing for a while until you wonder where to turn.

The sun lifts the hustle and bustle of the clouds. In addition to its magnificent natural resources in Madeira, it boasts canyons with rooftops in which they once lived. Now they serve only as a tourist lure.

From the highest peak you can see the whole island at a glance, as long as the weather is clear. On the seashore, as always, a stunning view of a picturesque, evergreen, inaccessible shoreline.

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