The most important attractions in Anafi Island

The beautiful nature on Anafi Island Greece is a "natural" and indelible place compared to other groups of the group. In fact, this small and rocky little tree is one of the most popular destinations in the so-called "out of the way", that is, not seen by the local tourists.

Anafi has just one village, sandy beach (no beach bar) and silent parks with a view of the sea. The choirs that go to Anafi have to have a strange daily ferry connection. A few times a weekly ferryboat ferryboat ferryboat from the port of Piraeus and some of the Cycladic and Dodecanese estuaries, but there is a certainty that you can not go anywhere you want.

Their first greece holidays and every ferryboat to Cantorini, which is closest to Anafi . The name of Anafi , called Agios Hikolaos, is on the south coast of the ocean, just below the hill - People or about Anafi. A crisp, lined road connects a harbor to a village that is docked by a hillside of about 200 meters, with a number of towers and cafes.

Cloo Anafi is one of the most authentic settlements in the world, as the original houses are in their original form, inclusive and small, one-story dwelling houses. The slender flecks come to the top of the hill, where the explorers can see the remains of the Venetian krepost.

It's about 300 meters in the east to get to Kastelie, the last of Anafi , or more closely the remains of her stones. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Anafi Island

There is a small beach, and 100 meters away, hidden behind the high cliff, is Klisidi, the most splendid beach on the greek islands, with soft sand. On Anapi does not have organized beaches, and no beach does not have umbrellas and rentals, so you can see tents and campsites as soon as possible.

The occiput has many long and empty plots, many of which are sandy and attract lovers of the art and nydists. Taken as Rikunas, Megas Potamoc, Monastiri and Katsunai, one of the amazing greece holidays.

Since the anniversary of Anaphis's decade is not asphalted roads, nowadays a small road tower leads to most of the plains and to the Zoooxos Pigi mansion, which is the greek islands , main ayuricular attraction.

It is located in the eastern part of the province of Anafi , on the border with the Kaliacom peak - a great skilful poljokotov. Khalamoc's ridge erected the extinct Maniatis Pannagia Kalamiotis, the most impressive place of Anfafi, but it was only the narrowly marked road.

Driving along the trail takes 40-50 minutes, it is tedious and it manages to carry the wheelchair, towing and driving. Those who dare to climb the path will enjoy the peculiar sight of the monastery, which stands a top a mortar.

Anafi Greece, although located only a few kilometers from Santorini island, Anafi holiday can not be compared to the Greek-speaking tourist.

Anafi Island Greece is famous for its beautiful beaches, the Kalamiotis Monastery, the Venetian Castle and the St. Anastasius Church - perfect greece holidays. Greek mythology tells that it was Anafi who stopped the Argonauts in order to save themselves from the fierce sea storm.

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