Lanzarote island amazing landscape

Beautiful landscapes on Lanzarote island, romance in the wilderness and colors. First, an unforgettable photographic trip to the island of the 100 volcanoes - Lanzarote. Wonderful people amazing place for great pictures! As the astrologers would say, "the stars were with us."

Actually, literally the stars were with us, because of Lancelot, as if you were an idea closer to the stars. There the sky looks so close to you, the clouds are so low that they reflect the lights of the cities at night, and they are colored in beautiful yellow-orange-red nuances.

It's also unnecessary to mention that Lanzarote is one of the most photogenic places I've ever shot, you'll see it on the pictures. And so I will try to speak (as much as possible) about everything that impressed me on this incredible island. With the idea of helping you if you decide to travel there for a photographic purpose.

Clouds of colorful reflections of Lanzarote Because for most of us Lanzarote is a place we have not even heard of (I did not know it existed before I went there), I will give some facts. Lanzarote is one of the seven Canary Islands.

It is Spanish territory and, therefore, the official language is Spanish. In fact, Lanzarote is the oldest island in the Canary Islands.Bookmark and Share

Lanzarote island photogallery

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The best view of Lanzarote island

In the past, it was green, like the other Canary Islands, but in the 18th century the volcanoes exploded and hot lava flooded the entire island. The population is evacuated in Cuba and Latin America.

Once the volcanoes have subsided, the island is once again populated. But it is no longer the same. The landscape is moonlight. It's not accidental that Apollo 17 have made their experiments right in Lanzarote. Timanfaya Mountain of wonderful contrasts. I will begin with the volcanic system Timanfaya, which is declared a national park.

The bad thing is that you can go there only with organized transport - a bus from which it is not very convenient to shoot. Unfortunately, there are no individual voyages in the volcano. On the one hand, because of security, because there is a very easy person to lose, and on the other - because the territory is protected. However, the views there are indescribably beautiful.

The volcanoes are red, orange, green, gray, blue, black - a unique mixture of colors in the wilderness. This is the amazing Lanzarote - there is a unique blend of greenery with the absolute wilderness on this island and there is something so beautiful and romantic about it.

The bus goes up high on the volcano, from where splendid panoramic views of all volcanoes are revealed. Lanzarote is ideal for photogallery because it has a total area of around 846 sq. Km, which means that for about 4 days you can tour around several times, choose the best viewpoints and time for photos.

Moreover, every corner there is very easily accessible because there is an ideal road network. With a rental car, you can tour the whole island and take a picture from every point of view.

Timanfaya is the most picturesque part of Lanzarote - the lunar and, at the same time, the most colorful. Unique contrasts. But Timanfaya is not all. Also you can spend the rest of the Canary Islands if you have enough budget and time. They are part of the past of our planet Earth. Let us enjoy them properly.

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