The most important Corfu beaches

In this article we will show you beautiful Corfu beaches, which are in the western part of this Greek island. Corfu Island is a very popular destination among us Europeans. It is easiest to get there by car or bus to Igoumenitsa and then by ferry to Kerkyra. However, we chose the hard way - by train to Thessaloniki and then by flying to Olympic Air to Kerkira. The plane was super funny and small, and it was full of Greeks inside, and you know how quiet they are, and it was as loud as a rural bus.

And so we loaded my husband with a taxi and for 20 euros we took us to the first town we were supposed to stay in - Guwia.

There we had 2 overnight stays so we can take a look at the capital Kerkira, which is nearby, and then calmly relax and relax in the beautiful part of the island. By preliminary information, and I already know from personal beliefs, all the nice beaches are on the west side of Corfu.

So when booking a hotel, if beaches are an important part of your vacation, keep in mind! Gouvia is a very common resort town with many tourists and a terrible beach. Well, we did not have to spend our whole holiday here, for I would certainly hate the island!

By contrast, the capital of the island is a great town. Sometimes while I was walking there I had the feeling that I was in Italy and it was no accident - there are many preserved buildings with unique architecture influenced by Venetian rule. If you want to explore the most interesting landmarks on Corfu, it is good to stay here for at least 10 days. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Corfu beaches

On the third day we went to Liapades, where we had booked 6 nights at the Liapades beach hotel - a very nice family hotel, almost on the beach. The village is very small, with no crowds of tourists, and around the beaches are the idyll - countless secluded bays with crystal clear water.

The beaches are rocky, so if someone likes sandy beaches, Liapades is not his place! It did not hinder us at all, we were equipped with water shoes. Few are difficult to access in terms of the fact that there is no way to go along the coastline because the bays are surrounded by hills and from one beach to the other must go through the woods. Every day we were in a different place, of course everything was set out in advance!

Glyko beach - this is the most famous beach on the island of Corfu about 20 km from the town and the village of Liapades. The beach is rocky and very small. Many couples use it to be secluded because it is hard to reach.

Rovinia beach - an extremely beautiful beach near Paleokastritsa. The blue green waters and the beautiful rocks around the beach are an attractive place for the thousands of tourists who visit this fabulous place.

Klimatia beach - a small secluded beach near the village of Liapades. Because it is very small and stands between the rocks, there is a nice shadow in the morning. There are no bars and restaurants nearby, so carry everything in a cool bag if you intend to stay for the day.

Limni beach - located near Klimatia beach and is a short white strip covered with smooth stones. This double beach connects the main island with a large scale. The water is around blue and shallow.

Liapades beach - a large and very visited beach by tourists. There are very large hotels nearby, Gefira. The use of the land is very appropriate for all important points of the island of Corfu. For the organization of the holiday, the site for beaches, routes, hotel choices, etc., helped me a lot. The last 6 days of our holiday we spent in a hotel near the village of Pelekas, which is also on the west side of the island. If you want to explore the historic and natural sights of Corfu, it is good to have a larger budget.

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