The most important attractions in Culebra island

Beautiful beaches on Culebra island Puerto Rico and especially the Flamenco beach, which is among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Are all the islands in the Caribbean enchanted? This applies at least to the smallest of the Great Antilles archipelago.

With 3000 square kilometers wider than Strandzha, like a miniature globe, it has everything: a real jungle, desert, dry forest, emerald hills, even a 1338-meter high, ocean and sea coast, coral reefs, frogs, boa and parrot - own production, strongholds, world-class beaches, and last but not least ... what beautiful men ...

People are pleasantly relaxed, often glued to their mobile phones, unforgettable latino and reggae are everywhere. The Atlantic sweeps the north and east of the island. But the most transparent are the waters hugging the two small islands of Kulebra and Vieques island, which are part of the archipelago of the Spanish Virgin Islands, adjacent to the British and American Virginia.

The beach named Flamenco, which means flower and bold to self-defense, is located on Culebra. The sand is white to pink, water - impossible blue and transparent. It's like you're in a prime swimming pool where you can pour tons of chlorine around the clock.

And there are no algae here, the mussels are very small. The bay is shallow and can enter hundreds of meters in, with the water remaining at the waist. Culebra is considered the place with the most transparent water - about 96-100 m - in Puerto Rico. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Culebra island

The island is recommended for swimming, scuba diving, diving, fishing, surfing, yachts, kayaks and everything else related to water. Americans rank Playa Flamenco second after Hawaii, and another poll shows that he is on the list of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

From white to golden brown, these are the colors of the sand that you can find on the Atlantic coast of Culebra. Because one of the main things of every tourist, no matter where he arrives, is to dive into the ocean. Its waters are transparent even on the public beaches - balneario, which are usually within the boundaries of the cities.

They are not recommended to tourists looking for privacy, because there always, whether it is a day off, there are families with young children. For many, the word beach is synonymous with a barbecue - along with towel towels, they must carry a grill, a cold bag, folding chairs ... And so combine aesthetic and physical pleasure in a holiday.

At the same time Puerto Rico has the lowest standard of all states in the US and suffers from high unemployment - about 10-12%. At the beginning of the 20th century there were large plantations with sugar cane, coffee and bananas. Nowadays arable land is only 3% of the island's territory. Light industry accounts for an increasing share of the country's economy, and the sector of services, including tourism, has dominated the last.

Many rich people live on the island, but the poor are a majority. According to some data, those living at the threshold of the subsistence minimum are over 50%. However, according to an international survey of the World Values ​​Survey 2008, Puerto Rico is the country with the happiest people in the world, and the island is ranked second in a study by the United States National Science Foundation.

Probably the touch with happy people infects the foreigner. At the airport, instead of saying goodbye, you think when you will come again. The Esperanza stroll is the ultimate aesthetic experience - no money and time cards. The houses are mostly one-story and painted according to their owner's mood.

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