Most beautiful beaches on Antipaxos

Beautiful beaches on Antipaxos, a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is located a few kilometers south of Paxos Island, which is your starting point for arrival here. Extremely small island only 5 kmĀ².,

But famous for its wine and several beaches where you can relax and swim. The local population is about 60 people engaged in agriculture. There are no hotels on the island of Antipaxos, but only a few villas that offer relatively low quality hotel services. The roads are narrow and have no asphalt pavement.

The most beautiful beaches on the island of Antipaxos are three and are located in the northern part of the island. They are close to each other and are almost identical in area. Bookmark and Share

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What you can see on the island of Antipaxos

We begin the description of the beach Vrika. This beach is the closest to Paxos Island. There is a restaurant-like restaurant serving seafood, fish and of course cold beer.

I forgot to mention that the island of Antipaxos cannot be reached by ferry and therefore there are no cars. Most people come here for a day to tour the underwater caves, which are in the south, as well as a naturally created stone arch.

The other beach is Mesovrika, which means small pebbles. For us, this is a wild beach because there is nothing but sand and rocks around. The water is crystal clear and clean and you can dive without any worries. Rent a motor yacht from the larger island of Paxos and come here, you will not regret it.

The last Voutoumi beach for me is the most comfortable and pleasant to relax. We stayed here one day and enjoyed the pleasant company of our close friends.

Prices are slightly higher for obvious reasons. As mentioned inside the island of Antipaxos there are several villas with pool, which are the best way for a longer stay here. The capacity to accommodate more people is small, but this should not bother you. This place is far from civilization, but still has mobile internet, air conditioning and good food.

If you want to get to the island of Antipaxos from the mainland of Greece, you have to take a ferry from the city of Parga, to get to the island of Paxos.

Then rent a motor yacht and moor at the small port in the middle of the island of Antipaxos. In conclusion, the main focus of the island is the bright blue water, caves and high cliffs around them illuminated by the bright sun and snorkeling.

The rest depends on you and the mood with which you will spend an amazing vacation in this part of the Ionian Sea.

The nearest large island is Lefkada tourist attractions, which is to the south and Kerkyra Island, which is to the north. We have written travelogues for both islands, so if you are interested and want more information about them visit our site again.

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