The most important attractions in Silhouette

Beautiful beaches of the Silhouette of Seychelles, one of the most peaceful and untouched Seychelles. It is the third largest archipelago, located about 30 km from Mahe Island. Silhouette Island is covered with rich tropical vegetation and is inhabited by numerous exotic animal species and predatory plants.

Here you will meet the famous giant turtles. On Silhouette Island is the third highest mountain of the Seychelles - Mount Dauban. The beautiful underwater world of the island will stop your breath. Silhouette attracts not only with its primitive beauty. Legends tell that the island was home to the famous Hodoul pirate, and its hidden treasure is still lying here somewhere.

You can try combinations with accommodation on several islands or cruise aboard a comfortable yacht. The island is one of the secret wonders of the Seychelles. Hidden in the warm embrace of the ocean, the reserve island preserves its incredible nature on the green mountains and among the equatorial jungles.

Silhouettes have magical beaches and adventure trails, and the air has its own unique scent of freshness. Sitting on Bo Valon Beach on Mae Island, you can see the island of Silhouette, which is the third largest in the Seychelles. It is partly visible due to the sunset behind the Mount Doban.

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Natural attractions in Silhouette

Despite the fact that the island is located near Mae, the population of Silhouettes has almost disappeared because of the complex access to the island due to coral barriers, so that now the total number of natives does not

.Now a real port is built, and guests on the island to go to the coast, not accessible to ships, use inflatable boats.

The Seychelles helicopter flies to the island for 20 minutes. In ancient times the Seychelles were known to Arab sailors. A proof of this is the Arab graves found on Silhouette. For its name, the island is obliged to the French minister of the 18th century Silhouette.

Here is also the famous Hodoul pirate, and to this day local people believe that his wealth is hidden somewhere on the island. The only ruler of the island until the 1970s was the Dauban family. Henri Dauban, a local planter, a stockbreaker, and a sailboat builder, participated in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris in a copy race contest.

In honor of this, his name is called one of the mountains of Silhouette. The top of Dauban Mountain reaches a height of 780 meters. There are several traditional houses on the island, as if scattered all over the Silhouette. Interesting, for example, is the home of the planter, which is a wonderful example of Seychelles architecture.

The monumental family vault of Adds, executed in Greek style with a marble gable and columns, abruptly contrasts with the surrounding tropical nature. The area of ​​the island is 25 sq. Km. There are neither roads nor cars, so Silhouette is so immersed in the green forests that it resembles a huge emerald.

Silhouette offers very attractive eco paths where you can explore the nature and the animal world. On old island hiking trails, you will not see any motorized vehicles because an aswalt road does not exist. The starting point for each hike is always La Passe.

A better option is to stay on the nearby Mahe Island or Praslin Island and then for a day to explore all the interesting island of Silhouette.

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