The most important attractions in Langkawi Malaysia

Beautiful beaches of Langkawi Malaysia, the most visited place in the Indian Ocean. This is also the Langkawi archipelago, which consists of approximately 100 islands along the western coast of Malaysia.

Langkawi Island is surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, with its hills covered with jungle and beautiful fields overgrown with grass. Nature lovers will not be disappointed because of the beautiful beaches of Langkawi, the fine golden sand and the large shadows of palm trees.

There are great diving conditions, as well as cheap diving equipment. The seafood that is available is very tasty and useful to Europeans. Let's describe in detail the beautiful beaches of Langkawi Malaysia that are worth visiting. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Langkawi Malaysia

Each of the hundred islands boasts at least one fairy beach, where you can spend unforgettable moments with a loved one or your family. The most famous beach is Tanjung Rhu.

It is located in the northern part of Langkawi Island, a very convenient place to take motorboat trips to the other islands of the archipelago. At a tide you can even walk to some of the nearby islands. Another beautiful beach is Pantai Cenang. Most photos from the gallery of this article are named after Pantai Cenang.

This beach is preferred by tourists because of the proximity to a large settlement. There is a place to shop for both food and souvenirs. Pantai Cenang is home to most hotels and shops. There are the most marine attractions here, such as hiring a surfboard or a water pedal. Evenings are quite noisy for Langkawi's nightlife. Some of the resorts have their own beaches.

In addition to beautiful beaches of Langkawi Malaysia, short excursions to Gunung Mat Chincang Mountains and Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls are offered. Climbing to the top of Gunung Mat Chincang can be reached by lift, while making beautiful panoramic views of the nearby Langkawi beaches.

Of course you have to keep up with the times. There are several waterfalls in the jungle that are small and deepwater like Durian Perangin.

The last attraction in Langkawi, where we will stop your attention, is the largest indoor aquarium. Overall, in my opinion, a week's vacation on Langkawi Island is enough to rest without getting bored.

After all, this destination is very close to Thailand and Malaysia, so it depends on your desire where you will go as long as you have time and budget.

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