The most important attractions in Ko Kut

Beautiful beaches of Ko Kut Thailand, a wonderful island to visit and I think the best beaches in Thailand. On the island of Ko Kut you can visit waterfalls, fabulous beaches, jungles and beautiful eco-paths. This place is perfect for nature lovers and families with young children.

Even in the High Season when it is supposed that there are the most tourists here it is tough and calm. The island of Ko Kut is too big, so the walk between beaches is not recommended. The length is about 25 km and the width is 12 km, in other words it is the fifth largest island in Thailand. In the western part of the island are the Thai beaches, and in the eastern is the impassable jungle. There is no public transport, but you can rent a scooter for easier movement.

There are very few shopping centers, bars and restaurants on the island of Ko Kut. It is good to have cash and use only the services of your hotel. Some visitors simply enjoy a relaxing holiday, sunbathe and bathe in the warm water around the best island in Thailand. For people who are accustomed to facilities here they will not particularly like it. According to the statistics of the major tourist companies for 2014, Ko Kut is the last solitary island in Thailand. Day trips to Thailand's neighboring beaches are offered by taxi or truck. The local population is about 2500 people, most of whom are engaged in tourism and fishing. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article in the eastern part, there are the natural sights of Ko Kut. These are several waterfalls that are free to visit and are conducive to bathing. Here's a list of the best beaches in Ko Kut. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Ko Kut

We start our walk with Klong Chao Beach, which is located at the mouth of a river. This is the most expensive beach because of its proximity to the large resorts on both sides of the river. Yai Kee Beach is the farthest. Located in the northwest corner of Ko Kut Island, next to the Captain Hook Resort.

The small Klong Mad Beach, which is located near Suanya Resort and is rarely mentioned by the sites because it is designed only for Thai tourists. Here is a Thai fishing village with small houses where fishermen's families live. You will get a clear idea of ​​the lives of the local population. The longest Ao Tapao beach is next to the two most expensive resorts of Shantaa and Koh Kut Cabana. If you are not a guest at the hotel, you will not be able to visit a 200-meter private beach with sun loungers and umbrellas. The rest of Ao Tapao beach is poorly developed. Ao Noi Beach is next to the oldest resort of the same name.

It is a small beach designed for Thai tourists because of the scenic nature, the small quay and the fine white sand. You can also find the famous Thai massage and tattoos here. The best view of the sea is in the Peter Pan Resort.

There is a small cocktail bar with views of the fishing village and the magnificent sunset. Ngamkho Beach, a desert beach, close to the coconut forest and several resorts S Beach Resort, Dusita Resort. The other small beach of Sai Daeng is mainly used by the guests of Analay Resort & Horizon Resort. Next to it is a narrow path through the woods and then down a steep rocky road to the pier. The last Thai beach that we will stop your attention is Bangbao Beach.

The reason for this is its horseshoe shape and the good conditions for snorkeling. As a blemish I can write that you have to leave the beach before the big tide that leaves the beach under water. If you look at the map of the island of Ko Kut you will notice that all the Thai beaches are very close to the main road. This is a great convenience for tourists and logistics of resorts. Due to the lack of vehicles to the mainland of Thailand, many resort owners have their own boats that serve the tourists. For this reason, services are higher than beaches in Phuket, Koh Chang and Koh Samui. Here are some tips that will help you.

Wear creams against mosquitoes, and since there is no night lighting, wear a flashlight or torch.

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